How to choose furniture for the hotel?

How to choose furniture for hotel

According to the authoritative American center for consumer research, J. D. Power, customer satisfaction of the hotels in 2015 peaked. It amounted to 804 points out of 1000 possible. «The index of satisfaction of visitors» is calculated for 19 years, on the basis of 7 factors: reservation, check out the cost of accommodation, services and facilities, food and beverages, equipment rooms.

As it turned out, this last factor largely depends on the loyalty to a specific hotel and whether he will return here next time.

For this reason, hoteliers should pay special attention to the selection of furniture in a hotel room

In Russia not so many manufacturers that produce quality furniture for hotels and hotels. Really good home furniture produced a lot. But the demands of the furniture for HoReCa (Hotel, Restaurant, Cafe — «hotel, restaurant, coffee shop») others, and experienced hoteliers are aware of this.

In 2009, Russia opened professional factory for the manufacture of furniture for hotels OTTO STELLE

The creators of the factory says: «before you open the factory, we realized that we would need the experience of similar successful enterprises. In Russia, we could not find, and we went to Italy. We visited a dozen Italian specialized production facilities, which make right furniture for hotels. We discovered the secrets of technology, which is almost perfect.. furniture Factory, we have created «tailored by our patterns,» but on the basis of the international experience in this industry.»

The right furniture — what is it?

  • Durable. This furniture is used significantly more intensively than home. It must withstand high loads. Leading manufacturers have tested the samples of new models and during the development phase to check the behavior of furniture at different loads. For example, factory Miele, like many famous European brands, is certified in the largest European laboratory CATAS (Italy).
  • Ergonomic and safe. In stock professional factory — always a wide selection of flame retardant fabrics, which is especially important for hotel furniture. Convenience products created by well-thought-out design, which is only possible when selecting foreign suppliers of materials and components. This affects the final price, but specialized furniture will last you much longer than the cheap «homemade» counterparts
  • Exclusive. Every hotel is striving to emphasize their individuality. Even chain hotels like Hilton, Sheraton and others do not place orders on the same models of furniture to all its hotels. Choose a manufacturer that has the experience and capacity of manufacture of furniture by individual project.

If your hotel needs this kind of furniture is durable, ergonomic, safe and exclusive — call the factory Miele by phone +7 495 742-5-222.

View furniture for hotels and hotels from factory OTTO CEILING on the site ottostelle

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