How to choose furniture for the bedroom

Choosing furniture for the bedroom, the main emphasis is placed on the bed. The bed is the most important attribute of this room. Therefore, the purchase should pay special attention. In this article you will learn a bed that is most convenient for you and beneficial for your health.


Choose a mattress by size

First of all, when choosing a bed you should pay attention to its size. Beds come in three sizes:

  • single – length 200-210cm., width 90-100cm.;
  • half – length 200-210cm., width: 140-160cm.;
  • double – length 200-210cm., width 180-200cm.

For one person fit of single and semi-double bed, double for two. Of course, you can buy custom king-size beds, but it depends on the size of your bedroom and your personal preferences.

The basis of any bed is the frame. It must be durable, have an attractive appearance and exactly match the size of the mattress. It is better to choose a frame made of natural wood: ash, oak or beech. This framework will be environmentally friendly, which will certainly affect the quality of your sleep. The standard height of the frame is 50cm, but sometimes 80cm.

Next, choose a mattress. The frame can be wooden, plastic or metal. The strength of the frame depends on the number of slats in the base, the more the more solid frame. Better to buy mattresses with hypoallergenic filler. This mattress will ensure the correct position of your spine while you sleep and you won’t suffer from allergic reactions. They are spring and springless. To choose a little better after lying on each and contrasting their feelings.

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