How to choose furniture for children’s rooms — designer tips

How to choose furniture for children's rooms - designer tips

How to choose furniture for a child’s room? For any room in the house not selected the furniture as thoroughly as for a child’s room. This is because a children’s furniture demands a lot more than usual. Children’s furniture should first be durable, stable, does not have parts that could injure a child. Second, it should easily gather and understand, and be comfortable for the child.

Furniture – what is it?

Children should not be crowded with big bulky furniture. First of all, the child should be comfortable in your room, so you need to choose furnishings which will match the age of the tenant. A very convenient option is ready the baby room. For the toddler – preschooler’s small suit bright cupboards and a neat table, behind which he can draw. For the school-age child will need a comfortable Desk where you can optionally put a computer, some filing cabinets, books and clothing. For a teenager may want a little different situation – a special computer table and wardrobe he would definitely love it.

Select the color of the furniture

Baby room should not be plain and sad, it needs to be interesting design! The color of furniture and Wallpaper you can choose with your child. But remember that poisonous and very bright colors can negatively affect your baby, so you have to combine colors like green, blue, aquamarine, ochre, turquoise and so on.

The age of the child – an important criterion for the choice of furniture

In the room for the newly born child should occupy a bed with a bassinet, changing table, easy chair for mom and a small wardrobe for clothes. For a child 1-3 years to fit a small sofa or a bed, a dresser and a children’s table and chair. For the elementary school student will need a comfortable bed, table or Desk shelter shelves with favorite toys and cabinets for things. The teenager is more suited to modular furniture, the details of which can be interchanged and rearranged depending on the situation. The younger child may also need the so-called «zone of communication», that is, a place where you can chat with friends, drink tea, watch a movie. To do this, small sofas, a PC or TV with DVD player, and a small table. Various options for the layout of furniture is represented here: pointernety/category/detskaja-mebel/.

Design furniture for children

An important role is played by the material from which made the furniture for the nursery. Metal is not suitable for their trauma, wooden furniture is not expensive. Of course, really cheap things of low quality not worth buying.

When buying furniture you also need to consider the sex of the baby. Boys and girls are different spend time in his room and different play. Usually boys are more agile and mischievous, so they require furniture without metal surfaces and corners. The best solution for the room boy has a small sports area, where the child may spend excessive energy.

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