How to choose front door — professional tips

How to choose entrance doors?

The essential attributes of any room are the front door. Inside of apartments and offices, they can be replaced by arches, but the sash facing the street or the entrance, installed required. However, their choice is subject to certain conditions, as this element should reliably protect the room behind it from unauthorized access. The range of products is impressive: you can buy a door Metalyuks and many other brands.

Key selection criteria

The first is to determine the material. On the market today, you can find products from metal, plastic, wood, glass. The first most common, as they have reasonable cost, easy to maintain and reliable. Wood exposed to moisture, but always looks luxurious. Glass models are generally focused on office space, a stylish design, but complex to install and are expensive.

An important criterion is the view of the doors. They may have one and a half or two doors. In private houses it is better to install the second option, because a small section will allow for the need to expand the passage. The single door universal, and a double more suitable for offices. Here it is only important to note that a greater number of folds increase the risk of autopsy.

One of the main parameters of incoming doors is the type of installation. For security purposes, usually acquire options, which are mounted flush with the wall. In addition, it is desirable that the loop was closed, and was attended by the spacer pins. More precisely Orient the assortment of products can the consultant, place of work which is a core firm, such as door store Seders.

The front door and its treatment

The front door is the face of the house or apartment, and she must be beautiful and qualitative, but in order to create your own unique door only need a few simple steps.

If you are happy with cheap and short-lived options for decorating the front door, you can just buy paint, varnish, respectively, to paint the door. So it will be protected from external influences in the form of precipitation, will not rust and will look quite decent. For this simple process buy paint dark deep metallic shades, is the paint glossy or matte doesn’t really matter. The paint coat should be applied thin at first, and after it dries another, so just 3-4 layers.

Why if you have the means for a good door or décor and some come that way, that is paint? Everything is simple, inconspicuous door bad, not sturdy locks serve as the best proof for burglars that the contents behind the door not valuable and does not make sense to steal from these people.

But still, if you have an alarm system and one thief will not pull the hands to your home, then go ahead and make your front door beautiful.

The choice of finish of these doors is great, starting with the door trims leatherette, which is the most expensive option. More expensive are various kinds of impression, simulate the texture and texturing the doors. These works are the basis and the Foundation on which you can apply other types of processing. Plus, these materials in the average price level, accessibility, and yet they are easy to replace from the old to the new in case of breakage of the locks or the «East» door with hinges.

More interesting would be the decoration doors with wood materials: solid wood, materials based on wood chips (MDF), and others. Such materials do not contain toxic paints, adhesives and are easily treatable. The doors of the middle class, which can be easily milled.

If you decide to do for the house is fully paneled solid doors with carved panels, it should not stand as the source and as the interior, otherwise it will be immediately clear that the owners of the house are quite wealthy people, and this can lead to bad consequences.

The most elegant finishes with termolabilnye. This procedure is not expensive, but gives excellent results. The gist of it is that termolabilnye simulates the surface that you choose for yourself. The beauty is that the choice of a huge simulation, but the downside is that such material is not durable and resistant to vandalism.

In the end, I would like to say that you need to think about what you want the result of normal door secure door and peace of mind, or the pretentiousness and concern for values.

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