How to choose finishing materials for the repair of an apartment

How to choose finishing materials for the repair of an apartment

Repair is a very important and time-consuming affair. Even if you exercise it forces contractors, you can’t avoid participation in the selection of materials. In this article, we describe how to select finishing materials for repair of apartments and not to be mistaken.

The main types of finishing materials for the repair of apartments can be attributed to Wallpaper and plaster. If you have free time and desire, you can glue Wallpaper or paint the walls with their hands, there is nothing complicated. If you are very busy or averse to work independently, you can apply here masters-home/uslugi/remont/kvartir-pod-klyuch/ and professional builders will do it for you.

Select the Wallpaper

The design of the walls in the apartments is often done by using Wallpaper. Wallpaper is a practical and comfortable material, which does not require great expenses and special skills. Because of the great diversity of the offered goods the question often arises – what to choose Wallpaper for a particular room? Each type of Wallpaper has its own unique properties.

The most common and affordable are Wallpapers made from paper. Paper Wallpaper are dual layer and single layer, with embossed or smooth surface. The quality of the Wallpaper depends on their thickness. The advantage of using is environmental safety and the ability to pass air.

More durable option is Wallpaper, made of nonwoven fabric. Interlining is paper-based with the addition of textile fibers. Non-woven Wallpaper have the same properties as paper, but have greater strength and do not swell in contact with water.

In comparing the qualities of vinyl and paper Wallpapers paper still lose. Vinyl Wallpaper not afraid of moisture, do not fade from sunlight, have a long term use. Negative – are much more expensive paper and does not leak air.

Acrylic Wallpaper is very similar to vinyl, but made of a different material. They are breathable, water-resistant, but have little strength and quickly become useless.

Elite Wallpapers made from natural ingredients such as bamboo, cork, algae. They are environmentally safe and beautiful but are expensive and require certain conditions of use.

Types of decorative plaster

Before you apply Wallpaper or paint the ceiling, you need to align the walls. This is the best gypsum plaster, it is designed for levelling surfaces. She applied a thick layer, so disguises almost any defect of the walls.

Gypsum plaster is environmentally friendly material made from gypsum. Does not emit into the air harmful substances that does not harm others. The plaster is porous, good air permeability, and this is its main advantage. Due to the porous structure of this material improves noise insulation and a good conductor of heat.

Mineral blend – the main components are lime and sand mixture sometimes can be added gypsum. Is an environmentally friendly material. Can be used for both external decoration and interior. It has a high moisture resistance.

Polymer plaster is a synthetic material in its composition contains an acrylic dispersion, epoxy resin and polyurethane. Has good resilience, durability and moisture resistance.

Silicone plaster – due to its elastic structure it can be used on any surface. The basis of this material include silicone resin, because of her plaster has good strength and moisture resistance.

The silicate mixture in its composition includes liquid glass. This plaster does not deteriorate from moisture, rot and repels the water. This is the most expensive type of finish, but it’s worth it, as the period of use – more than 50 years.

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