How to choose evening dress for the fuller figure

How to choose evening dress for the fuller figure

Not far off new year parties, beautiful half goes to beauty salons and clothing stores to choose their most suitable and beautiful evening dress. The most acute problem of choice of evening dresses standing in front of those women whose figure does not fit in the modeling framework «90-60-90». But do not have complexes about this, because the complete figure can be emphasized that in the West can beat any slim beauty!

Use color

The first rule that you need to remember the ladies «in the body» before you select the dress is to prevent wear hoodies. In any case, do not wear a «potato sack» even if You feel that Your figure is not suitable for beautiful outfits.

The black color has the ability to make a slimmer figure. Plus, the black color is present among the most trend in this season, so if you stop the choice on a dress this color, can’t go wrong.

But not only black, but any other color is cool colors – brown, Burgundy, dark red, able to emphasize all the advantages of the fuller figure, and make their possessor fashionable in this season.

Bright dresses with various geometric, floral or Oriental prints also able to «take his eyes off the figure and make it visually slimmer.

Style decides!

When choosing dresses for full girls not the last role is played by the style and neckline. It is important to pick up every detail of the evening toilet. Full girls will look great evening dress with a deep cut V shape with a high waistline. This cut can easily hide the flaws and irregularities of the shape and the hostess of the dress is sure to make the most beautiful at the gala.

Are incomplete girls can afford a short cocktail dress, fully formfitting. The belt on this dress will only emphasize all its advantages.

Wrap dress Jersey – also a good option for the fuller figure. To dress looked more advantageously, it is necessary to take model with the belt, just below the knee.

If you want to bet on their attractive hips and a nice chest, choose a classic sheath dress with V-neck, complemented by a thin strap with discreet buckle. These dresses are in all times popular with the girls «in the body».

So in the end I would like to say that if God has not given You the parameters of 90-60-90 is not a reason for sadness. There’s always a way – dress so that Your figure was a advantage rather than a disadvantage. But to hide and too curvy is not recommended. Know your limits and be confident – the main postulates in the choice of clothing, specifically dresses for corporate events.

Beautiful long evening dresses you can find on the website novias-wedding/ru/tovaryi/vechernie-platya/f/dlinnyie/. this is a classic option that never goes out of fashion for several centuries!

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