How to choose evening dress — fashion tips

how to choose evening dress-fashion tips

Almost every woman sooner or later the question arises: how to choose evening dress? Evening dress should be in every woman’s wardrobe, and preferably not one that such questions arise more often. Choice gives birth to and shapes the taste of every woman. But every invitation to spend the evening must be her dress. So they are in the closet at least should be two: long and short.

Long evening dress or short?

Classic long dresses to the floor is more suitable for special occasions. Such as, for example, access to the premiere in the theater or on solemn anniversary, or some event where stipulated dress code a night out.

Short evening dress is more cocktail, it can be worn for a light party with friends to a disco club. This outfit when it was invented because it was easy to pack in your purse, and then put on when needed.

Ideal, which is necessary for every woman, is a little black dress, a La Coco Chanel, who help out in any way and it must be in every woman’s wardrobe.

What to wear in the new season tonight?

Several fashion trends of evening dresses in 2016 are a red thread. The most popular evening dresses catalog Dress Bar published on the first page.

First of all, this romantic style, it is presented as long and short evening dresses. These seductive lace, in the evening they look very elegant, and light chiffon dresses in pastel colours and with an interesting and rich embroidery.

In fashion – Gothic style; the fashion house introduced the Gothic outfits in quite a wide scope.

So, last season went smoothly in new sequins, and bright colors and textured fabrics. And although black and white colors in combination with each other will wear for a long time, but the favorites will be bright and noticeable outfits.

Night out, of course, can not do without the long dresses, evening dresses – long and feminine – just perfect for the evening. Greek style reigns for several seasons in such outfits, fashion and it will be in 2017. Light and airy, they look great on any figure, and many women prefer these outfits.

Well as long evening dress looks great being performed in a style that has returned since the eighties of the last century – the mermaid silhouette.

Short evening dress

As in fashion, marLED fabric, this means that the sheath dress is a seasonal favorite. It can perfectly replace long evening dress, if has a lovely finish. Insertion of lace or embroidery – all of this is very important in short dresses. Atlas is also quite popular in short dresses for the evening.

Long or short dress? This question is difficult to give a definite answer for all women, each chooses what he likes.

Choosing what dress to wear, you wonder how comfortable it will be for the entire evening, the image should be harmonious with both the woman and the theme of the evening.

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