How to choose entrance doors?

How to choose entrance doors?

The front door is designed not just to be the hallmark of the house and the first piece of furniture that guests see. First and foremost they are supposed to protect property, especially if we are talking about the apartment. In such a situation only durable construction can save owners from burglary and unlawful entry. Therefore, her choice should be approached responsibly. The first is to understand that the doors must be made exclusively from steel in the base. Wood and plastic are not suitable for reliable protection.

The manufacturer is obliged to specify all technical characteristics in the passport, which comes with the product. From there you can get information about maximum loads, method of production, material. There describe the structural features of the frame and leaf. Not be amiss to take into account the castle, because the harder it is, the harder it is to break the product. Modern steel doors are made of sheet steel, which is produced by either hot or cold rolled.

What to pay attention?

If we talk about the hot rolling, it is more affordable. However, this material always requires a veneer top. In spite of all the upper layers, it is still susceptible to rust and corrosion. Cold rolled is more expensive. But the high cost is justified by quality. Such doors will be harder to damage, and weather phenomena for a long time will not leave a trace.

It is also important to monitor the impurities in the alloy. Despite the fact that carbon has some advantages, in excess plasticity is lost and quickly formed damage. It is believed that door will be quite no more than 11% of carbon. There are certain requirements and on the thickness of the alloy. Pass by doors, in which the layer of steel is less than 10 millimeters. Despite the assurances of sellers, such structures are difficult to call reliable. Thus, if you find the right composition and thickness, you should not worry about the safety of the apartment and property.

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