How to choose ceramic tile for decoration

How to choose ceramic tile for decoration

There is quite a large variety of facing materials for kitchens, bathrooms, floors. However, the leading place among all confidently holds the ceramic tiles. In this article we will talk about how to choose ceramic tile for decoration.

The properties of ceramic tiles

The most popular tiles currently have ceramic tiles. And it is not easy.

Ceramic tile is considered the most suitable material because of its attractive appearance, but also due to its high strength. This lining material is able like no other to protect the wall from damage and any kind of contamination. Any dirt from the tile is easy to wash, without requiring any extra effort. Also ceramic tile, PlitkaHome, able to withstand any chemical hit, it has high moisture resistance and is also resistant material to electrical charges. All this proves once again that the more perfect material for decoration of kitchens and bathrooms.

Criteria for the selection of ceramic tiles

The range of tiles is large enough. Therefore, when you choose the most suitable option, you need to consider some points.

The first step is to consider the fact, to perform any work you need a ceramic tile. For example, if you select a facing material for finishing the outside of the building, the tiles must be take such that was water-resistant as well, so she was able to withstand cold temperatures. Otherwise, it may just deteriorate.

In order for a potential customer it easier to understand what kind of finishing material is to choose the manufacturer invented a special notation, which will help you to understand what kind of works do one or the other selected material. For example, in order to produce decorative work on the street, you should choose the tiles with these letter designations, as AI and BI. This means that the tiles are sufficiently moisture — and frost-resistant. If you select ALL and BII, then this option will be less reliable. Also, some manufacturers indicate the resistance to frost, easy picture of a snowflake. If ceramic tile has letter designations such as AIII and BIII, then this tile is designed exclusively for interior decoration.

The second major step for the selection of ceramic tiles, it should be understood, for the treatment of sites which it will be used. For example, for flooring and walls, there are different types of tiles that have their own characteristic signs. If you want to purchase a tile for flooring finishes, you should choose the one which depicts a black mark inside which is drawn the foot. If the foot is depicted in black on a white background, it means that the tile has high resistance to various physical influences.

In order to choose tile for the walls, you should choose the option that has the image of a hand.

Ceramic tiles of various manufacturers, made from different quality materials. Also it can be of different sizes. When you select it, you should very carefully look at each tile, the absence of marriage, the main features of which is the presence of white edges, not dyed areas, or Vice versa – no stains, cracks and chips.

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