How to choose blinds: pay attention to the material


How to choose blinds, not many people know. Window blinds are becoming increasingly common, but not always easy to choose the most suitable option from the variety of models that are available in the market.

How to choose blinds – blinds classification

Every kind of these products has its own characteristics. All products provide excellent protection from bright light and help to hide from prying eyes. In order to choose blinds, you first need to understand their types.

The variety designs of window blinds can be horizontal and vertical. The first versions have special slats (slats), which are directed parallel to the ceiling. This is a classic form of blinds, which are often used in offices. In models of vertical strips arranged perpendicular to relative ceiling, they are best suited for living quarters.

Blinds differ according to the method of attachment:

  • outside of the window opening (wall or frame);
  • for each of the window sashes.

While on the wall there is the possibility of mounting vertical and horizontal options. Quite often used blinds for mounting directly onto each valve, however, is allowed only for horizontal structures.

Choosing such products, you must also decide on the method of opening. It can be both manual and Electromechanical. The second kind is usually used in cases where manual opening is not possible. For example, for the Windows of the «second world», which is difficult to reach without using a ladder or blinds, which are located in the upper region of the arched Windows.

Materials – what blinds to choose

When choosing appropriate models, great attention should be paid to the type of material from which are made blinds. In addition, it will depend on the cost of the product:

  • Aluminium. This material is the most common and cheapest. Of all types of blinds it provides the great opportunities for the design of Windows. Strips of aluminum can be painted in almost all colours, they can be matte or smooth, with a surface a «velvety». In addition, there are «perforated» panel, through which light, which passes through the perforation, is able to create a bizarre transfusion. The main advantage of aluminium structures is that they are easy to build: you just need to wipe the slats with a damp cloth. In addition, these products can perfectly reflect the light. When you use blinds made of aluminium the room temperature in summer time is reduced by 2-3 Seconds.
  • Tree. Deciding to install wood blinds, you need to prepare for significant expenditure. The tree in itself is an expensive material, and wood for the slats, even more so. For their manufacturing canadian Linden, cork tree, or a rather rare breed. Sometimes used slats of specially treated pine, which decorate room own wood pattern. Such structures have many advantages. First of all, they are ecologically clean and able to last for a long time. In addition, they are very durable and able to withstand temperature fluctuations. Wood for almost all varieties of the interior, giving it even more expressive.
  • Plastic. Among all the varieties of modern blinds special place belongs to the plastic variants. Plastic is inexpensive and fairly durable material which is used for the production of blinds of any design. In addition, it can be given different shapes and painted in different colors. This allows you to find the solutions for any room. The main advantages of plastic models include: the ability to withstand heat, ease of care, resistance to deformation.
  • Fabric. Such options are able to make any room more attractive. In addition, blinds made of fabric do not fade, well cleared, and high durability.

Good luck choice!

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