How to choose blinds for the kitchen

How to choose blinds for the kitchen

The kitchen is the place in the house where a woman home. That is why everything here has to be beautiful, comfortable and practical. Including the design of the window, and should be treated responsibly. In this article we will talk about how to choose the right blinds for the kitchen.

Everyone knows how fast dirty kitchen curtains, how much they absorb all the smells and how hard it is to wash them then and give them fresh. This is the main reason why many Housewives choose blinds instead of curtains, because they have much more advantages.

Blinds – a few elements, called slats, either vertically or horizontally and connected to each other. Material and color is also different. There are movable and fixed shutters. The entire range of kitchen blinds you can find on the website good-master/.


  • a higher protection from sunlight;
  • no heat from sunlight;
  • easy cleaning;
  • huge selection of colors, textures and materials.

Types of blinds and their characteristics


This is the most popular and common form. These blinds allow you to completely close the window. Material can choose. This type of blinds is characterized by its compactness and convenience, perfect for a small kitchen.

By the way, horizontal blinds are mezhramnye, that is located inside the glass. This installation method is maximally saves space and frees from washing the blades, as they do not fall neither dust nor moisture, nor fat.


Material often is the fabric treated with antistatic and water-repellent substances. They are moisture resistant, so they can be washed. Ideal for kitchens with low ceilings due to the ability to visually increase the height of the room.


The blinds in the appearance of a continuous fabric with a pattern or without, folding into a roll. Considered to be an ideal solution for kitchens in minimalist style and Eastern style.

The only, but very unpleasant drawback is the complexity of self-cleaning, and that their appearance quickly deteriorates from splashes of grease and soot. So often roller blinds combined with curtains, valances and/or curtains.

The material is usually cloth or bamboo.

Types of materials for Venetian blinds

Wooden blinds for kitchen
Wooden blinds for kitchen


Used for the manufacture of canadian Linden, cork or bamboo. Wooden slats are treated with protective agents, but still they should not be used near a stove.

Bamboo compared to wood are more resistant to dirt and moisture.

Plastic blinds for kitchen
Plastic blinds for kitchen


Blinds of this material is the most practical and easy to care for, easy to clean, does not absorb odors, dirt and grease, are not deformed.

The colors can be anything, including «under the tree». Combinations of such blinds, with plastic Windows, see here good-master/zh_plwind.html.

Fabric blinds for kitchens
Fabric blinds for kitchens


The slats of fabrics repel dust and dirt, thanks to treatment with special products, especially if they are made of fibreglass. In addition, they are fireproof.

For cleaning minor dirt should just wipe these places with a damp cloth, if very dirty fabric blinds require soaking.

Metal blinds for kitchen
Metal blinds for kitchen


Looks more suitable for use in the office than in the kitchen. But steel gloss slats are ideal for kitchens in style hi-tech. Easy to operate, clean, durable.

Multifakturnye blinds for kitchen
Multifakturnye blinds for kitchen


These blinds are preferred by lovers of luxury and refinement. But their use in the kitchen is still a rare phenomenon, due to their questionable practicality and high cost.

Knowing all these features, every woman will be able to easily find exactly what it needs, based on their taste, style, cuisine and budget.

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