How to choose bed linen for your bedroom

How to choose bed linen for your bedroom

Linen, made from the durable material, with years of wear. At such moments, one begins to wonder about what a new set of underwear to buy?

What to look for when choosing bedding

If you want to choose bedding for your bedroom, then you should understand the qualitative characteristics of each type of linen. It varies in size and material of manufacture. If the sizes everyone can understand yourself, the quality of a particular tissue few people know enough useful information.


As a budget version of the perfect bed linen of cotton, which some «experts» say that a disposable underwear, but it is cheap and can afford to buy for your own bedroom any family. A high level of wear resistance can be minimized, if at the same time to purchase several sets of the above bedding sets.

Bed linen poplin

Great purchase for the family will be bedding of poplin, in which the fabric has a slightly lumpy base. Previously poplin was considered synonymous with luxury since it was made of silk. But in the last reality you can buy a relatively inexpensive poplin, wholly made of cotton yarns of superior quality. Moreover, the cost of the aforementioned poplin is maintained at a low level and can afford to buy every family. A large assortment of such underwear from poplin can be found here barbara37/postelnoe-bele/poplin/poplin-premium-lyuks. As gifts honeymoon lingerie set from poplin is also considered to be the best choice.

Bed linen made of coarse calico

Calico also has a low cost, but this type of underwear has high mileage and is considered the most correct choice from the point of view quality-price. But sometimes, some families even calico may not be sufficiently durable. In the latter case, there is another alternative – renforcé, which is characterized by higher strength, and the cost is not that big.

Satin bed linen

Special emphasis should be laid on the satin. If the above-mentioned types of linen are made from standard single-strands, which are already on the machines are arranged at an angle of 90 degrees, the good will certainly is made from satin threads double weave that are interconnected at an angle of 45 degrees. This technology allows to obtain high strength and good satin surface that are unique to satin. Moreover, if the normal satin can be a little ordinary, it is possible to buy other versions of the satin – fine and pleasant to the touch satin-satin to a more dense satin-velvet…

In any case, the satin can easily withstand numerous machine washings and serve the family for years. No wonder, buy satin lingerie is considered a profitable investment in your own comfort and all family members…

Linens of poly-cotton

If it is important to buy an even more durable underwear, here without variants – only polycotton, which is a durable cotton fabric, which in its production adds a solid (in the range of 32-48 per cent) proportion of polymer in the form of polyester. This additive allows to increase the wear resistance of the linen and give a nice satin look. After washing polycotton does not require Ironing, which makes it very convenient in terms of domestic use. No wonder, most managers of the largest hotels in the world prefers to buy the above linen for their guests. Previously it was considered in our part of the deficit, but now the linen of the most you can buy for their own needs in a regular store.

Flannel sheets

Flannel sheets, a priori, will be considered as favorable choice for cold bedrooms. In a circle of Housewives this kind of lingerie is often called the «cotton fleece». Indeed, the flannel has good insulation, softness and tenderness. Drawback on its surface over time, the pellets. This problem can be solved by purchase a few sets of flannel underwear, or use a disposable razor, with which, you can easily shave any pilling!

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