How to choose bathtub size?

How to choose bathtub size?

How to choose bathtub size? This seemingly simple question is one of the most important in the construction of baths. Many now wish to have in your house is the national pride of Russians – real Russian bath. Such bathsare still widely used in the villages. There will usually build a small bathhouse, they consist of a dressing room and a room for washing, combined with steam. With this construction of furnace is installed in the steam room, the heat which heats the second room. The baths are built very high. This is due to the fuel savings for space heating.

The calculation of the height of the structures is as follows. Oven lay stones approximately one metre from the floor. Add to this the distance from the benches to the ceiling – just below the seated man could without difficulty be soared with a broom. Of course, this length can vary. The main thing is to try to make the bath of modest size, but so that bathers feel comfortable. The minimum size, according to estimates, 210cm.

We all know that in the steam room, it is better to lie than to sit. The fact that on average every 0.3 m, the temperature rises by 10 degrees. Therefore, in the sitting position, more heat will succumb to the head and not the feet. To anything good it will not. But bathersthat lies, gets a lot more use, as heat is distributed throughout the body. That man could lie, in the baths are special shelves. So the bath length should be equal to the average growth of a person. If possible, you can organize a few shelves. The shelves have a letter G, letter P, or parallel to each other. Of course, here you need to build bathhouse larger area. Traditionally, Russian bath procedures take two or more people simultaneously. Accordingly, increasing the area of the room for washing. If it is combined steam room, the area is taken 6-9 square meters.

It is best to organize the washroom and steam room separately. Then for the first it will be possible to bathe without taking the steam room procedures. Handy if doors in the first and in the second bedroom will go in the dressing room. Then the people taking the water and steam treatments, do not interfere with each other. You can also make a separate room for the bath. Read more about this, go to the Hammam.

Usually the entrance to the bath equip with the South – the warmer side. This trick facilitates the use of the bath in the winter. The fact is that from the South drifts are much smaller and they melt faster.

Given the arrangement of construction baths – simple, modest and inexpensive. If you wish, you can extend your bath: add a spacious relaxation room, install a shower stall.

Recently bath make the house – on the basement floors. However, this is not a very good option from the point of view of fire safety.

Another important point in the construction of baths is necessary well-insulated walls, as the moisture level in the bath is much higher.

So, Russian bath will bring many benefits and joy to you and your family, to build it – not difficult. And most importantly – does not require huge costs.

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