How to choose bath screens?

 How to choose bath screens?

To bathroomand look aesthetically pleasing, and people feel comfortable with, all the elements of its interior must be in a uniform style and uniform requirements – one color scheme, functionality, hygiene, strength. Therefore, assuming for the repair of the premises, you should consider all the details, every detail, in order to use the room space as efficiently as possible, and that while it has not lost its appeal.

An important role in the decoration of the bathroom plays a screen under the tub. It is set to hide and at the same time, to protect which usually at this point of communication. But there is in this design and another plus. Niche under the bath can be used as a storage area for small items (detergents and cleaning products, sponges, buckets, rags, basins and the like). Here you can put brushes, paints, tools, remaining after repair.

When selecting screens mounted under the bath, it is important to know that they come in several types:

  • sliding;
  • solid;
  • acrylic.
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