How to choose bamboo pillows for sleeping

How to choose bamboo pillows for sleeping

In this article we will tell you how to choose bamboo pillows for sleeping. Recently gaining popularity, the trend is to buy pillows with natural fillers such as bamboo fiber.

The fact that scientific studies have shown that bamboo filler of high quality environmentally friendly raw materials. No chemicals during growth of the plant is not used, and even in the processing of the fiber remains safe.

Than useful pillows with bamboo filler

Bamboo pillow get a restful sleep, because it is very soft and shock absorbent, provides comfort and relaxes. During sleep we often want to turn the heat of the pillow cold side up. Bamboo pillows do not get hot, quickly absorb water, which also evaporates quickly from it, you will not get hot, you sweat. In warm months they are cool and winter – warm.

With a bamboo pillow you will never have allergies and skin diseases. Bamboo pillows do not need to ventilate and dry because bamboo does not absorb odors and does not absorb dust.

Pillows made of bamboo are orthopedic and are useful for prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. They are perfect to the anatomical structure of a person, repeating all the curves of your body.

Cons of bamboo pillows

However, besides the advantages of bamboo pillows has its drawbacks.

Bamboo pillow, and pen, cake and need to kill periodically.

In conditions of wet climate bamboo pillow is heavily impregnated with moisture, it is impossible to sleep.

To keep your neck and spine lay correctly, broad-shouldered people need a high and a body pillow.

Bamboo pillows are orthopedic and anatomical.

How to wash bamboo pillow

Bamboo cushion will serve you longer if:

  1. Wash by hand or in the washing machine in the «delicate wash» at low speed pressing and whisking after washing;
  2. Do not iron iron;
  3. Do not wash the pillow with detergent;
  4. Exclude from Laundry bleaches;
  5. Drying bamboo pillow in a horizontal position in a dark place;
  6. Flip the pillow for the best drying;
  7. Water temperature when washing should be low.

For oxygenation bamboo pillows should be regularly aired. Before bedtime is recommended to beat the pillow. In no case do not give these pillows to the dry cleaners, the chemicals affects the bamboo. Cushion stored in a dark place in expanded form.

Thus, in a large assortment of fillers pillows should choose a pillow with bamboo filler. We are sure that you will not regret it!

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