How to choose anti-slip coatings for pools

How to choose anti-slip coatings for pools

A dip in the cool water during the heat of summer, swim in the pool in the winter and a rest from everyday worries, loves, probably, everyone. Modern life dictates its own rules, and today many private homes sanitized pool. But how to choose automatic pool covers home and community given the characteristics of the room?

Choosing a floor covering for swimming pools

Floor covering must meet certain requirements:

  • easy to clean;
  • to look stylish;
  • not to slide.

Currently, for pools of closed and open version use anti-slip coatings, plastic, fiberglass, rubber and other materials. There are many options available and each user can find one that will provide excellent security and perfectly fit into the interior.

Features anti-slip coatings for pools

Such coverage tailored to their operation in conditions of high humidity. They are not afraid of aggressive environment, not subject to deformation, have a beautiful appearance throughout the period of use. When choosing a Mat for the pool , it is important to pay attention not only to the color and size, but also on parameters such as safety, environmental friendliness.

The most popular variant at the present time – anti-slip PVC coating. It is hygienic, durable, easy to care for them. The bacteria on this Mat do not apply, which is important in a public environment. The structure of the material is designed in such a way that the moisture to linger, flowing into a special drain channels with special gutters. Quality fiscalidade coverage you can buy on the website ako-mat/. The products presented in the catalog meet the basic requirements stated in this category:

  • resistance to wear;
  • aesthetic appearance;
  • environmental safety;
  • traumatic;
  • versatility of use;
  • ease of care and many others.

Many pools are tiled, tile floor, and it increases the likelihood of injury. However, to avoid this problem simply. Enough to buy and lay anti-slip surface for outdoor and indoor pools.

The coatings have a drainage system, therefore, remain dry. The underside material is designed in such a way that it provides excellent grip with the floor, and the surface is pleasant to the touch. These mats can be laid in places that are as close to the water as well as on track.

Anti-slip coatings for pools are resistant to many chemicals, in particular to chlorine, which ensures the original appearance for a long period of operation.

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