How to choose an orthopedic mattress?

How to choose an orthopedic mattress?

How to choose an orthopedic mattress? For each person one of the most important components of his life are comfortable and healthy sleep. After all, mood and health depend directly on the quality was a dream. Therefore, the choice of bedroom accessories should be performed correctly and it should be treated with the highest sense of responsibility and seriousness.

The most popular things for a healthy and sound sleep today orthopedic mattresses. They are a product designed for proper anatomical support of the spine of a man: hard in the lower back and neck, and softer in the hips. Due to this, a person gets the most comfortable conditions for sleep. Besides, such a good mattress adjusts to body shape. These mattresses can be purchased in Rostov, Ufa, Kamchatka and in any other big city.

Tips and advice for choosing the orthopedic mattress

In the process of acquiring an orthopedic mattress attention in the first place should be given to the following criteria:

1) the rigidity of

Adjust to the contours of the human body will be flawless only when on the surface of the mattress will be completely absent of any pits or bumps. A similar effect is much harder to achieve if the product is too soft or too hard. Therefore, in the process of selection is to stay on an orthopedic mattress with medium.

This option is particularly important if the product is supposed to buy for your child. The younger the baby, the more severe must be the place which is used for his sleep. In addition, more than hard mattresses are a perfect option for people with excess weight. As for the people delicate Constitution and old age, then they will suit a softer mattress.

2) size

It is also one of the most important parameters of mattresses. Ideally you should buy a sample length of 20 cm more of growth, for which he is elected. Standard size single mattress 90 x 200 cm is equal, half – and double 140×200 cm – 180×200 cm

3) filler material

On the basis of the workmanship of the mattress and its value, you can choose the product with various fillings:

  • latex, which is the most expensive and durable;
  • coir coconut is the most natural material;
  • polyurethane foam is an artificial material and has high rigidity;
  • memoriform that is a filler of medium hardness;
  • PROTEK, which is a natural and inexpensive material.

4) layering

High quality made mattress definitely has a special layer, for example, of straw or buckwheat, and basis.

5) the ability to control the position of the body

The mattress should support the spine as straight as possible no matter what position takes a person during sleep.

6) hygiene

Most healthy sleeping person will have a mattress made of hypoallergenic and anti-dust materials.

7) environmentally friendly

Mattresses made of natural materials recommended by doctors as more preferable for everyday use. As fillers can be used organic latex or coconut coir, and mattress covers are used mainly cotton or linen.

8) the country-manufacturer

The most popular orthopedic mattresses are the products manufactured in Western Europe and the United States. But lately there is a trend towards an increasing dissemination of domestic production that the quality is not inferior to their foreign analogues. Today is a very wide range of mattresses, so that each person can buy the most optimal variant at a more affordable price compared to European and North American competitors.

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