How to choose an apartment in the building from the developer

how to choose an apartment--novostrojke-from-Builder

Buy a large and comfortable apartment in the city is the dream of many people who do not have their own homes. Excellent layout, well-developed infrastructure, transport accessibility attracts many prospective owners. All potential buyers have certain requirements. They are all individual but one thing in common – affordable price. Therefore the only right solution which meets all of the criteria is the purchase of housing in the new building from the developer.

The right choice

Having decided to buy an apartment in a new, but not put into operation the house, pay attention to a few points:

  • Type new;
  • Floors;
  • Planning;
  • Infrastructure and district.

Type buildings

Modern homes can be classified as frame, monolithic and panel building. The strength, diversity, and open space characterize home monolithic frame type. However, the high price eliminates the availability of the acquisition.

Prefabricated houses are not able to carry out the redevelopment, as the walls between the rooms are load bearing, but the new materials make it possible to build new buildings without joints, improved design. Apartments in Surgut in new panel type is particularly popular among customers.


With the definition of the floor plan to which category sold the property. In case of failure of the lift elderly the top floor will be an inconvenience. On a hot day the room heats up, and in the rain there is a probability of occurrence. The first floor involves the installation of window grilles, this additional spending. Be prepared for a large cross through the area of the first floor, that is, the appearance of additional noise. Close proximity to a cellar and communications also has its inconveniences. In the event of an accident in the basement, the apartment will appear unpleasant smell and dampness.


Mainly practiced closed the apartment layout and Studio apartment. In the first case, all rooms are isolated. Corridor together with a kitchen and bathroom. This location is convenient for families with children. The Studio has a complete lack of partitions. Isolated only bathroom and toilet.

Infrastructure and district

Undoubtedly, the availability of infrastructure life much easier. But not always, the developer is building the complex, so pay attention to transportation. Calculate the time spent on the road. In addition, choosing area, ask about the proximity of industrial enterprises in the County. Often buildings are built on the outskirts of the city.

Following the simple guidelines, you can buy housing in the new building without any problems and frustration.

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