How to choose air and avoid mistakes

How to choose air and avoid mistakes

Summer is one of the most favorite times of the year for most people. At the same time some people can not tolerate the heat. However, due to this invention as the Internet this time of year, you can survive with comfort. In addition, in the cold season, this technology will keep you warm. But before you buy an air conditioner, you must consider some tips.

Buy a conditioner recommended from reliable suppliers, such as kievkomfort/. So you can protect yourself from fraud and to guarantee quality. Internet-shop of HVAC equipment Kiev Comfort» you can find conditioning of any type, as well as to get advice of professional consultants. In addition, you can also make a contract for the design and installation of ventilation systems for your home or apartment and service of HVAC equipment of any complexity.

However, before you buy an air conditioner, it is important to consider what room it will be placed. On this basis, selected the design and type of its work. For example, if the air conditioner will be in the bedroom, it is important to pay attention to the noise which he makes when working. To your sleep is really healthy, the air conditioner must be silent.

The area of the room where it will be air-conditioned is also of great importance. Thus, the standard power required for one square meter is 100 watts. However, it is important to take into account other factors that may require additional power. In the kitchen the extra power may require the stove and other appliances that emit heat. For example, a room may be on the Sunny side, causing the sun’s rays strongly heat the room. Therefore advisable always to choose the air conditioner with extra power, in order to avoid a large load on the device. Thus, it will last you longer.

Air conditioners are divided into two main types. The first type is non-a devices. The principle of operation of this embodiment is similar to the refrigerator of the Soviet era. Typically, these air conditioners are quite noisy. When the deviation of room temperature from a given air conditioner, it starts to work. The main difference of this kind is that it works at full speed, which is not economical.

The second option is more expensive in price, but the cost in terms of energy consumption. These air conditioners operate at the required rpm at the moment. For example, if the room temperature is deviated at least one degree, the air conditioner will operate at maximum power and at high speeds to reach the required comfort. Some models of inverter air conditioners save energy up to 50%. Typically, these models are distinguished by a longer service life. These air conditioning is not noisy and best suited for areas with weak wiring. This model allows regularly to maintain the same temperature throughout time. It’s not that some time gets hotter, and in some time colder.

Appearance HVAC equipment also plays an important role. You can always customize the design of air conditioning, to approach the interior of the premises in store Kiev for Comfort. In order not to disturb the already made repairs in the house, it is better to think about buying an air conditioner at the early stages of repair work.

Some models may have secondary functions. For example, the function of air purification using special filters will be particularly relevant in a family where there is suffering from allergies or other respiratory diseases. Ionizers in air conditioning also can play a health role. For example, to improve blood circulation in the body or pressure. In addition, due to cleaning of the heat exchanger, which automatically prevents the growth of bacteria in the indoor unit.

If the heating in your home is poor, then air conditioning with heating air is a great replacement of the heaters. Even the weakest air conditioning with minimal power can replace 3 to 4 electric heater with power 1 kW.

Regarding installation of air conditioning – it is better if this job will be done by professionals. Better yet, if it will deal with the company that sells these air conditioners.

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