How to choose a winter hat for women

How to choose a winter hat for women 13

Winter in our country is extremely cold, and all Russian beauties there is a question: what kind of warm headgear to choose from, but still look stylish?

The choice of this accessory depends primarily on the outerwear that you will wear it.

1. Complete with warm natural fur coat will look good fur hat, matching coat color and length of fur.

2. Sheepskin is perfectly combined with a headdressconsisting of a different texture of materials (e.g., fur and knitting, tanned skin, and fur).

3. Sports jacket, of course, looks great with a slim capthat tightly fits the head. Here you can find a contrasting color (e.g., blue jacket yellow hat). Will also fit a variety of cap with geometric pattern.

4. The more simple is Your style winter outerwear, the more complex headdress need. And Vice versa, complex models of clothing will look good with a simple-looking hats.

5. The shape of the head, the shape of the face play an important role when choosing winter accessory. If you are the owner of round face, You should choose asymmetrical headgear, slightly contoured head. Bulk berets are suitable in principle all, they add femininity and sophistication. Elongated and triangular face beautifully accentuate a fur cap or bonnet. Girls with oval face shape will suit a fitted hats or knitted caps.

6. If You have broad shoulders, then give their preference to surround headgear. Fur hat , choose those with long fibers.

7. Color is also an important criterion for the selection of headgear. Women with red hair will suit hats chocolate-brown; dark blonde hair color be beneficial to emphasize beanie light grey, pistachio, blue — grey or pearl colors; the blondes should give the preference to the white caps blue, beige, peach, light green flowers; bright passionate brunettes can easily choose white, black, bright blue or purple hats.

8. Great if You manage to pick up a scarf or tippet on a couple of shades lighter than Your outerwear (if you want a little darker). The texture of the scarf should be similar to the texture of the headdress.

Choose the right headpiece is not difficult, the key is to focus on Your clothes, it’s good to know about the nuances of his natural abilities. In this case, even the most fierce winter is not only warm, but also stylish.

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