How to choose a wedding photographer

How to choose a wedding photographer

Wedding picture is a cherished memory that is passed down from generation to generation. Choosing a wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions that should not be taken lightly. So, you have dresses, suits, flowers, cake, it’s time to choose a good photographer who will preserve the great moments at the wedding. In this article we will tell you how to choose a wedding photographer.

Organizing a wedding, it is important to find a wedding photographerthat will able to undertake wedding photography at the highest level, while not disturbing the newlyweds and guests. It should be guided by the following tips:

    • Need to decide what style of wedding photography most prefer. Maybe you are looking for a traditional approach, basically, without creativity? Or do you prefer a lot of funny and interesting photos? Do you like glamour?
    • To decide in advance what level of service you want from a wedding photographer. Maybe you need a few photos from the wedding ceremony. So, a couple of hours is enough. Other couples can choose a complete package that includes pre-wedding engagement party, the rehearsal of dance, photos of the newlyweds and so on.
    • To think about how they will be used in wedding photography. Newlyweds are more likely to purchase the album for yourself, or just print photos to give to friends and relatives.


  • Research photographers. Ask your friends, contact wedding photography studios or agencies, perhaps they will give a good recommendation. See also wedding websites for more information read the reviews from other customers.
  • Meeting with the photographer. This is a must! You need to sign up for a meeting with your desired photographer and go with her husband. Look at samples of work that this wedding photographer has in his portfolio, get booklets with detailed info on wedding packages.
  • Image quality a Good photographer needs to be able to offer customers a variety of styles, capturing the personality of the bride and groom, to show happiness and fun all day long. Bad quality photos can ruin all the photos.
  • Discuss a technique You may not be professional, but have to know what type of camera equipment the photographer uses. Ask, what program will edit your photos. If a photographer says he is not so engaged, it is better not to use the services of this person.
  • Confirm, confirm, confirm! This is the Golden rule of wedding planning. You must confirm appointments, plans. This should be done several times. Once in the contract, the second time for 1-2 months before the event and in the last week.


Adhering to these recommendations, you will be able to find a great photographerwhose work will not disappoint you, and wedding photography for many years will delight with pleasant memories.

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