How to choose a washing machine? The guide of the consumer

How to choose a washing machine? The guide of the consumer


Washing machine has long been a necessary daily tool for a comfortable life. Every year they are increasingly acquired interesting features and original wash programs, their body became less, and regulators have grown more and more buttons. As a result, now any person who decided to buy a washing machine, was faced with the problem of choosing from the many models from different manufacturers. In this article we will talk about how to choose a washing machine.

Choose a washing machine at home size

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the dimensions of the washing machine. No matter how good the machine was, and what she hadn’t had opportunities, it still does not make sense to take if you have nowhere to put it. So to avoid mistakes, carefully measure the place where you want to put and only then choose the type of household washing machines.

In classic «full-size» machines depth is from 50 to 62 centimeters. But remember that in determining the size, the manufacturer often leaves sticking out of the machine controllers or sticks. If you buy a machine that should barely squeeze in the door, you can get into a situation where you have to partially disassemble new equipment to get set prepared for it.

Modern models of washing machines with an average load, adequate for everyday washing to a depth of 40 to 49 inches and, in this case, are called narrow. Very small areas may be suitable hull type «superuzkaya», the depth of which can reach only thirty-three inches. Some of these models can even be mounted on the wall.

If you are important not so much depth, how much the height of the washing machine (you probably want to put it under the sink), you can pay attention to a single class of device – a compact front-loading washing machines. Their height is reduced to 70 centimeters.

Download how to choose a washing machine?

The next thing is just think there is a type of Laundry load. If the room in which to stand technique has not too much space, you may not be suitable for front-loading, because you will not be able to wide open the door. In this case, you can gain some kind of machine with a vertical loadthat will allow you to save some space.

Of course, when choosing you should be guided by information on the approximate amount of Laundry you intend to wash every day. If you live alone, or your family consists of just a few people you should not choose a spacious model with a large volume of the drum. Despite the fact that you can wash more effective for washing the car will have to use more washing powder and water. So if you need every day to wash a couple of shirts, and the volumetric object will be washing the linen, you should not buy a washing machine with load 6 kg or more. The best option for you is to choose a model that is designed for 4-5 kg of Laundry.

Engine type washing machine to choose?

So you need to decide what type of motor you are interested: inverter converts DC voltage into three phase, so the motor runs quieter and algorithms of rotation of the drum becomes larger, which increases the quality of washing. In turn, the motor direct drive is mounted directly on the shaft of the drum, which significantly simplifies the design and thus contributes to the durability of the structure.

Program and speed ottima

The spin speed of over 1000 rpm may be of interest only to owners of a large number of things Terry, and type of control plays a role only if you are interested in remote control of a washing machine. Then you should think about opting for e-governance.

Basic set of applications is present in any washing machine, but most of the extras are exclusive to certain types of machines. In order to accurately decide which additional functions you require, you should read about the features on the manufacturers ‘ websites.

After purchase and installation, it is recommended to use for the first wash, it will clean the drum from the factory oils. Remember that the elastic drum should be a little moisture – the manufacturer is obliged to check washing machine for leaks.

Which company to choose a washing machine?

Of course, better to choose models of washing machines of the brands that are already known in the market and offer a guarantee on their products. It include such brand Asko.

Asko is a Swedish brand, one of the leaders in the production of household appliances in the premium segment. The high quality of workmanship reflected in every detail of production. Combining the guaranteed reliability and functionality with distinctive design, the company focuses on the uniqueness of solutions and ease of use.

The company took roots in 1950, when the production of washing machines in the Swedish town Vara. According to legend, its founder, Carl-Eric Anderson, decided to ease domestic concerns beloved mother. Today, the production base of the group located in Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands, Italy and Eastern Europe. The distribution network is represented in 30 countries of the world.

The Asko brand is famous for reliability, durability and efficiency. Every detail and function of kitchen appliances ASKO meets the strict standards of premium quality. The production uses components from the best European manufacturers. Independent and built-in appliances ASKO harvested by hand and only the responsible specialist. So the product quality remains at an unsurpassed level. All units are multi-level control in a test lab.

The introduction of advanced technologies beneficial impact on performance, energy efficiency and reduce resource use. For high efficiency in combination with reasonable prices appliances ASKO loved by small business owners, it can be beneficial to buy for a small Laundry room, bakery or cafe. Washing machine brand gathered a lot of rave reviews and awards: «Best buy of the year», «Most environmentally friendly car of the year», etc.

Washing machines Asko is a professional approach to the care of the linen. A wide range of premium-class models are available in four different stylistic solutions: Classic, Logic, Style, and embedded.

Tank and drum are made of stainless steel and are used to stabilize the cast iron counterweights, which ensures the strength and durability of the structure. Special anti-vibration design reduces noise level to a minimum. Power a washing machine Asko enough to organize a small Laundry room at home!

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