How to choose a voltage stabilizer for home

how to choose a stabilizer-the voltage for home

Well it is cold in the house starts, the voltage drops that arise from the fact that in many homes began to include additional sources of heating. Since most of the houses seemed in the days of the unfinished socialism, the electrical network is weak here and often surges. so the question arises, how to choose a voltage stabilizer for home?

Whether you need a stabilizer?

If you have voltage fluctuations in your home outlet does not exceed 5%, then buy a stabilizing device is not necessary. All appliances under such fluctuations will work fine. But if this index is bigger, it can lead to unstable operation of the devices and even their failure. Appliances, which cost more than the price of stabilizer. Very often the service centers bring refrigerators, computers and TVs that have broken through changes in the electrical network. Sometimes the repair cost is not more than the cost of a new appliance. You may want to warn such cases and ask our specialists how to buy the voltage stabilizer for homevinur/aboutus/usefull-info/select-equipment-guide/210-kak-vibrat-stabilizator-napryazheniya.

Home stabilizing devices

Today you can buy cheap stabilizers Ukrainian producers in Kiev and other Ukrainian cities. Are devices that have the optimal specifications for work at home that will keep all appliances and equipment in working condition. The price of this equipment is lower than the cost of a refrigerator, the TV or desktop computer. It is a profitable investment in the development and modernization of the electrical network of your home.

Why is this so? If we can’t change the status of the public power grid, then why not do it in my house. To do this, calculate the total wattage of all electrical consumers in the house, add to this amount the reserve for inrush currents and choose in this parameter the stabilizer. Select the equipment type – triac, thyristor, relay, and electronic. The calculation is based on power to choose a device suitable for voltage stabilization.

Install the equipment in the house will help experienced engineers Vinur. The company offers 30% discount on the installation of equipment that is purchased from their site.

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