How to choose a vacuum cleaner for apartment — selection criteria

How to choose a vacuum cleaner for an apartment knows not everyone, but I use the cleaner almost all. In this article we will talk about the criteria of choice of a good cleaner.

Almost every day in your own home or office, we have to keep clean. This issue is being dealt with professionally and at the level of everyday life. And the main enemy is the dust. It is literally everywhere, despite the fact that even a small presence in the air creates some sense of a messy room. Sorry, but dust can be eliminated completely.

How to choose a vacuum cleaner – expert opinion

Dust tolerate the flow of air, it lingers on the surface of furniture, carpets and continuously present in the air. So, each of us wants to find a vacuum that will allow to get rid of annoying dust.

Today, models and types of vacuum cleaners there are so many, and to make a choice is not so simple. Indeed, sometimes the vacuum cleaner has such functions that just boggles the mind. Diversity, of course, enhances our capabilities as consumers, but also complicates choices. You can even robot vacuum cleaner to buy in Moscow, which will do the cleaning in the house for you, but its acquisition should be taken seriously, paying attention to the appropriate settings. Before buying you need to make a choice on the set of the main characteristics of a future purchase. The main thing is to decide is the power filtering is present to clean the unit, noise level, weight and volume, and can also be used technique in automatic mode.

Determining capacity should not be confused with the amount of power the vacuum consumes, suction power dust. Most often, buying a vacuum cleaner, we think that the higher the amount of power a vacuum cleaner consumes, the better it will collect all the accumulated dust. But, in fact, not always the quality of the cleaning depends on the power consumption.

Filter cleaner

The filter system should be such to hold all the dust that the vacuum cleaner has collected. The quality of filtering is evaluated by the amount of dust, which has been preserved in one cubic meter of air at the outlet of the vacuum cleaner. Today’s models allow a maximum concentration of 10 mg/cubic meter.

Noise protection

This parameter does not affect the quality of cleaning, but it determines how comfortable you will be removed. So, buying a vacuum cleaner, it is useful to know what the noise level of the model, as cleaning is done often enough and no one wants to endure the sounds of roaring vacuum cleaner, isn’t it? See also on sanitary regulations concerning permissible noise level.

It should say that the very popular today are vacuum cleaners. Vacuum cleaners of this type spray water and collect it from the floor. A vacuum cleaner is ideal for cleaning carpets, furniture, blankets, as well as tile and floor.

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