How to choose a toothbrush?

How to choose a toothbrush

Toothbrush needs every person who is the subject of personal hygiene without which one can not do. Many believe that to have healthy teeth , you need to choose the right paste and brush is in this case a small role. Unfortunately, this is false. Correctly chosen toothbrush able to maintain the health of your teeth, to protect you from tooth decay and many more. In this article we will explain what to consider when choosing the right toothbrush.

Today, the market represented a huge number of different brushes from different manufacturers. Toothbrushes can be divided into two types: ordinary toothbrush and electric. Both toothbrushes deserve the attention of consumers. It is very important when choosing a brush, consider the condition of your teeth and gums. To brush came, you have to determine the degree of stiffness. Usually, dentists advise to buy toothbrushes medium hardness, but for those patients who suffer from gum disease or have other problems with dental health, they suggest brush with soft bristles.

If you want to buy a toothbrush for a child, you need to pay attention to the age. Many manufacturers make brushes for kids age category. Typically, these toothbrushes with very soft bristles.

In addition, choosing a brush for cleaning teeth, pay attention to the working part of the brush. Experts recommend to buy a brush with a rounded shape of the work piece. This will help to avoid injury to the oral mucosa.

Many of the patients ask a dentist, ask question on what needs to be bristles on the toothbrush (of natural or artificial material)? Doctors advise to buy toothbrushes with synthetic bristles. They attribute this to the fact that natural fibers absorb moisture and contribute to the reproduction of various microorganisms, germs, etc. As a result, can appear caries, gum diseases, darkening of teeth enamel and the like.

Buy only high-quality and appropriate tooth brushes. Before you buy it, consult to the dentist, it will help you to choose the right subject of personal hygiene. Take care of yourself and your teeth, stay healthy!

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