How to choose a suitable mattress?

How to choose a suitable mattress?

Not everyone can afford to sleep on the bed: as a rule, it does not allow housing. If you do decide to buy a bed, keep in mind that the most important thing in bed is the mattressand the bed itself is only a frame to it. In the recent past was the question of choosing a bed and not a mattress, since the bed came with a mattress as default, and the variety of choice of mattresses were observed. Now the situation has changed radically, and it pleases. So how to choose the right mattress?

What to look for when buying a mattress?

Of course, nobody wants to overpay, but to be in a situation when the purchased item will quickly become worthless too unpleasant.

Let’s look at what constitutes the cost of the mattress and as manufacturers reduce the price of their products. Save the manufacturer can adesivi technology or materials. In recent years, the technology of rolling mattresses. This allows you to save on warehouse and transportation. But it is possible to twist the mattresses where a little of the filling(as you can roll the cake, but it is difficult to roll the cake). So if you see the mattress in a twist, you know — before You instance, the economy segment. There is also a side effect — if the mattress is collapsed, there is a risk that it will not straighten out completely.

In addition, you can save money by using the spring unit mattresses with fewer springs. When testing in the store, he may seem soft, but rather it can be called «weak» – will last a long time, weight will not stand.

Some manufacturers use a low box spring — where in the springs is less than coils, and so the mattress will not withstand large loads. You can tell by the height of the end product: if the mattress height is below 15 cm.

On the website namatrase.kiev/matrasy/come_for/b10/c1 you will find all types of mattresses. Which one is the best fit for you, you learn further.

What kind of mattress to choose?

If desired, you can reduce the quality of each element of the mattress spring unit, layers of wadding polyurethane foam around the perimeter, cover the mattress. Buying a mattress, keep in mind that the height, or thickness, of a good mattress – not less than 17 cm thickness of the mattress consists of the basics — the spring block and flooring layers. Closer to the center are tight wadding layers (felt — protects springs from abrasion, coconut — gives rigidity and durability of the mattress), closer to the surface — soft layers, reduce the load on the soft tissues and create comfort. When it went on sale latex springless mattresses, many thinking: what is better — spring or springless?

Most of those who slept on both, I prefer spring mattresses, say that they are more convenient due to the springy effect. Besides, common sense tells us that spring mattresses are better ventilated, they do not accumulate fluid, which is more hygienic. And pocket spring mattress less numb limbs, and then sleep well.

When buying a mattress, just buy a case to protect the mattress from stains and dust.And don’t forget to flip it once a quarter. Pleasant dreams!

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