How to choose a staircase design?

How to choose a staircase design?

Stairs – an essential element of any building consisting of more than one floor.

Selection criteria ladders

The basic requirements that apply to staircase construction, reliability and durability, so design them to be still at the construction stage. Options such decisions can be found on specialized sites (e.g., universervice/).

The second stage – the choice of material for making ladders. This can be the classic wood or natural stone, as well as more modern glass or metal. It should also be noted that each materials has its own advantages and disadvantages that need to be taken into account in the design. Thus, the glass steps are slippery so it is better not to put in homes where there are small children.

Wood, stone, metal

The most common among owners of private houses are wooden stairs – they are environmentally friendly, and besides, allow to realize any design ideas and decorating designs elegant carved elements. However, the tree is pretty whimsical material that has a tendency to decay quickly erased and requires regular maintenance. Stone products are more durable, but cost the customers more, and to install them need a lot of space, so for small homes, they are not suitable. But the modern version are metal stairs – cheap and reliable designs that have one significant drawback: they fit well into certain interior styles, including minimalism, hi-tech, etc.

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