How to choose a sofa — a comprehensive guide

How to choose a sofa - a comprehensive guide

In this article we will talk about how to choose a sofa. It would seem that such a simple thing should not cause difficulties, however, as practice shows, not all consumers are satisfied with the purchase of the sofa. This happens because people are not guided by the criteria while selecting, choosing the sofa only in size and appearance.

The correct approach to choosing a sofa

Things were very different. Go to the furniture store – there are two models of sofas, two chair models. Choose a vacuum cleaner – grey «Buran» or green «Buran». Same thing with refrigerators. Except that the TVs were presented in a wider range, but the difference between them was in name and in size functionally, they were similar to each other like two drops of water. In the sense that in this respect they were all equally poor. In General, it was worse. But a lot easier.

Modern consumer Paradise, with all the diversity and everything has made our lives more enjoyable and beautiful, but at the same time and repeatedly complicated it constantly arises the problem of choice. At the same time, to select iron, for example, or even tea is not so difficult – in the extreme case, in a month or two to buy another, not God knows what money. With more household appliances like washing machines and refrigerators, the situation is complicated not only by increasing the price, but serious dimensions – to carry back and forth every month such things are not everyone wants. With furniture still difficult. Delivered, raised in the apartment, gathered, and suddenly it turns out that the Cabinet door doesn’t open through that is close the double bed, table and cram as hell and not so comfy chairs, as it seemed in the store… what could be worse?

Check couch for comfort

Therefore, the choice of sofa we fit much more careful to measure, draw, fidget for half an hour on the couch any Way, fidgeting can longer, and when you get up, you will see how fast it will take the same form. If it takes more than a minute – it is better to refuse to purchase, eventually there is bound to be «failures».

Upholstery material is an important factor of choosing a sofa

Rate the upholstery material of the sofa. Just in the sense how it is pleasant to the touch. And then remember this: velour, loved by all for the pleasant tactile sensation, is prone to rapid abrasion, besides it is going to a lot of dust (but it is easy to clean). In terms of durability it is preferable sofas upholstered in a synthetic version – microfiber.

Cotton, that is on the first place ecology, easy wrinkled and smoothed hard and durability significantly inferior to many materials. Flocking will have to be extremely careful. Pleasant to touch fuzzy material made of adhesive, so dry cleaning and use of solvents to remove stains can ruin him. He’s also extremely attracted to dust, so besides softness – nothing good.

In General, if the resistance material is placed at the head of the corner, preferably a textile interspersed with woolen yarns – chenille. The picture he holds up well, clean easily, almost not subject to deformation. Determine the upholstery material, please note on the back of the rear self-respecting manufacturer uses the same material as on the front part. Little things like uneven brackets and various separation distance of the folds in the mounting locations rough seams, must be deter – it is an indicator of low quality products that will definitely affect anywhere else – on springs on the frame, on a complex mechanism.

Check divan mechanism

By the way, about the mechanism itself. For example, on the website his/ presented some of their options. If the sofa will be used not only as decoration living room, but as a bed – do not hesitate it a few times in the store to assemble-disassemble, and not showing excessive softness, because this procedure will have eventually to be repeated many times. Hearing strange creaks, knocks, and even more – feeling binding, immediately give up. Look at the device itself – the simpler the better. Distinction, take a closer look on the inside as dried wood, no knots and chips, note the material – particleboard or plywood.

About the dangers of formaldehyde resins already know everything, so cuts chipboard you see should not. In principle, its application is permitted, but the use of special coatings and edges, so if it is there – you don’t have to see it. If the sofa is equipped with drawers, check the wheels. They don’t have much backlash and note that the solid plastic – not the best choice for your flooring, rubber in this respect better.

The filler of the sofa and its properties

The filling of the sofa is responsible for his comfort. If felt through the fabric scraps of foam rubber or synthetic winterizer – the shape of the soft part of the sofa will lose very quickly. Ideally, one-piece foam rubber or polyurethane foam, and by the way, serious manufacturers do not do this for the buyer of the mysteries, providing covers the zipper and you can see something to sit or sleep need, and replace if necessary.

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