How to choose a sink for your bathroom?

How to choose a sink for your bathroom?

One of the essential pieces of furniture in any bathroom is the sink for the bathroom. It must perform not only its main purpose – to be used for washing, but also aesthetically blend in with the surroundings. Options offered by the modern market. How not to get lost in the selection and purchase exactly what will suit you in all respects? Let’s face it.

Form factor sinks for bathroom

Classic version – sink-Tulip. Sink it is as if on a pedestal. On the basis of are all and it is attached to the wall using brackets. Another fairly popular option is a hanging sink. It also rests on the bathroom wall using dowels. This is a cheap options that do not require large expenditures.

Recently became widespread built-in appliances. And wash basins are also affected. Built-in sink for the bathroom is a broad pedestal that ends with a bowl. The pipes are inside the cabinets. This design is inconvenient that takes a lot of space, and in conditions of lack of space – it is rather a disadvantage. Therefore, the owners of small bathrooms prefer shells in the form of a cone. Shell flat allows you to install underneath the washing machine.

What should be the size of the sink?

As for the size of the shell, the choice depends primarily on the size of the room. Standard apartments typically have a small bathroom. Therefore, the best way to save space would be to design a width of not more than forty centimeters. If the room is medium in size and can fit large Cup sizes up to sixty inches. In case you are limited to a few meters, you can exercise your imagination and set the sink interesting design.


What material to choose the sink?

The choice of materials constituting these structures is also high. Is considered a classic shell made of ceramics. They are distinguished for their durability, will last you for years. The ceramic surface is not exposed to rust, hard to scratch. Take care of it easy. Ceramics – eco-friendly material that will never go out of fashion. Ceramic wash basins are perfect for any design. In addition, pleases quite a low price. This option is ideal for those who do not have the ability to spend big money on upgrading the bathroom.

Another standard option would be a steel shell. A significant drawback is that the surface easily gets scratched and stains remain from the water. To use it be extremely careful.

An interesting detail of the interior will be sink bathroom glass. It looks original and a lot of, in addition, glass is a very durable material, its products will serve for a long time. You can choose glass wash basins in various modifications, forms and colors. With it, the interior of the bathroom can make a unique.

The most expensive and exquisite decoration of your bathroom can become a shell of marble. It looks really great, but has one big disadvantage. To care for him must be constantly and carefully.

Not so long ago has spread another material used to produce sinks – Corian. Advantages of the use of structures made of this material is its durability, ease of care, products look gorgeous, and have very different forms. Another great advantage of Corian is that the dirt in its surface is practically not absorbed. However the price for such products is also very high.

In any case, the choice of washbasin in the bathroom, be guided not only by practicality. Sink should be in harmony with the General situation.

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