How to choose a shower enclosure?

How to choose a shower enclosure?

Shower – great for apartments with small bathrooms or guest bedrooms. However, varieties of the booths today very much, and to choose the right, you need to carefully read the product’s design. In this article, we will tell about how correctly to choose the shower?

Here are a few criteria that it is important to note in this matter:

The material of the walls and doors

Shower is a pallet, some of the walls and doors. To avoid claustrophobic wall and door made mostly of transparent materials.

Standard material for the manufacture of cabins – polystyrene. It is relatively inexpensive, but this material eventually becomes cloudy and stains can appear. Attempts to clean them often lead to scratches. It is therefore better to buy a Cabinet of glass. In terms of care and durability this is the best option.

The material of the pallet

The shower tray is made from virtually the same materials as the standard bath. Most often it is the steel, iron, acrylic, cultured marble or ceramic.

  • Tray, artificial marble the most durable and easy to clean, however, the cost of the cab will be significantly higher than, for example, the cost of the booth with a steel bottom.
  • Steel is also quite durable, but this pallet will create a buzz from the interaction with water. In addition, over time the enamel on the surface of the steel may crack.
  • Acrylic is easy to care for, and appear over time, scratches can be easily cover up. But compared to the other materials this one is flexible enough and with a large weight may SAG. And ceramic trays, despite resistance, can crack if dropped on something hard.
  • Iron pallets are very durable and do not require special care. However, this material is very slow takes the temperature, so before you enter the booth, you need to warm up the bottom of the hot water. This is a big minus in terms of water savings.

Functionality and design

The main differences between showers associated with glass, colour and interior trim. Glass can be made tinted, shaded, or patterned. Colors can be completely different from standard shop to unusual, custom made.

If the room is small, you can install a corner Cabinet in which the rear walls are the walls of the bathroom itself. Here, however, will need to prepare the floor and wall before installation.

Or, you may prefer a simple box-the cockpit, which consists of four walls and pallet. Boxing cabins also come with a built-in Jacuzzi. And if you have the opportunity to sacrifice budget for convenience, there are cabs with built-in bath.

It is important when choosing a stall to take into account the quality of the insulation – the water doesn’t have some way to sneak out. So when all the above criteria, you need to check set the door of the cabin and they close tightly.

These are the basic points that you need to pay attention when choosing the shower cubicles.It is recommended to buy them in specialized stores of sanitary ware, such as Santechera. So not only will you be able to avoid buying low-quality goods, but also will be able to get warranty repair.

As for prices, their range is very wide. A large part sold in the shops of the booths produced in the countries of South-East Asia. Here is a budget model – from 7000 roubles. It is only logical that the price depends on the quality and functionality of the product. Therefore, if finances allow, it is better to give preference to European brands. Their range is higher – from 12000 rubles. However, for convenience and durability, they are much better than the Chinese models. Of course, there are prices that reach and 200,000 rubles, but the modern variety is quite possible to find a booth that will combine all the necessary qualities, including an affordable price.

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