How to choose a rug for home?

How to choose a rug for home?

How to choose a rug for home? All were faced with the purchase of carpet to navigate in this task is not so simple. In order to pick up the carpet, is to begin to define what you expect from the purchase, good working properties and beautiful design view, or possibly to acquire an expensive and unique stuff, then this value will be transmitted as an inheritance.

Material – the main criterion for choosing a carpet

Of course, if you pick carpet in hallway, kitchen, guest room, in heavy traffic, it is recommended to opt for artificial materials, they are durable and well washed from dust and stains. A carpeting made of polypropylene, this material is completely harmless to humans. The harmlessness of the provided matter, except, of course, the fact that it is certified, and confirm that this material is the equipment for medical personnel, disposable utensils and seamless matter for surgery. These carpets are often used in rooms for children. Because they are perfectly clean by any means and even soap, stain-resistant not absorb moisture.

Carpet made of acrylic

Acrylic, otherwise it is called synthetic wool, the carpets made of this material is very pleasant to the touch and very soft. But also, as natural wool, acrylic in the beginning of the application separates the remains of the pile, as it is called Parga.

Viscose carpet

Viscose is produced by processing wood, and is therefore considered more natural of synthetic materials. Visually polinezia carpets have virtually no differences from the production of silk, these rugs are very soft and silky and so they often buy.

Wool carpet

Wool is a classic for carpets with good quality. If you buy a product from wool, try to pay attention not only to the beauty of the carpet, but also on the quality of wool, because only first class and, accordingly, expensive fur does not change color when used, does not accumulate static and can be easily cleaned.

A carpet of long filaments

Increasingly, buyers are interested in the carpets made of long filaments. Mainly these rugs are made of first-class, specially designed threads for this type of carpets. In these carpets all the threads are tied in a spiral, thus is the effect of the spring, and it will not let the carpets be crumpled.

You can buy Belgian carpet and try to do something similar in your interior! Pick up the rugs quality and which will last you a very long time, because with the help of the carpet creates the atmosphere of coziness and warmth in the room.

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