How to choose a roofing material?


The choice of roofing materials is still in the early stages of planning and design of construction. This article will tell you how to choose roofing materials.

It was during this period solves several important issues:

  • The definition of the purpose of the building;
  • Budget planning, an approximate calculation of estimates;
  • Estimation of parameters of the materials used.

What roofing materials will be used in construction, is influenced by many factors:

  • The appearance of the building (aesthetic aspect);
  • The strength of the roof;
  • The quality of the roof;
  • The insulating properties.

Principles of selection of the roof

There are a large number of criteria for the selection of the roof, but not all of them are decisive in the individual case. The main parameters of the choice material for roofing include the following criteria:

  • Type of the future building;
  • Roof configuration;
  • The durability of the material;
  • The financial side;
  • The complexity of installation.

On the durability of the roof in the first place affects the selected material. The most durable considered natural tiles, the service life of which is over 100 years old. Shingles will last about 40 years, and Ondulin – about 30 years. The more precisely executed the technology of the installation, the higher the period of service of any of the above materials.

Requirements for roof strength are defined as follows:

  • Building of capital structures (schools, office buildings, villas) need solid coating;
  • Temporary buildings and installations for household purposes can cost less durable, cheap materials.

The more complex the architectural design of the building, the better to use a flexible shingles or the equivalent with small-sized elements. This material is suitable for the decoration of complex design elements. Ideal for flat roof – metal tile.

Looking at the financial side of the question, note that the total cost of the material is not measured solely by the quantity of purchased material. Additionally, recorded mixes, the complexity of the setup and features of the roof system. The most popular construction material – metal. Easy to deal with – no problems during installation. For a number of other types of tiles (cement-sand, ceramic), first need expensive truss system, and, secondly, the installation services will cost several times more expensive due to its complexity.

The roof is an important element of home design. It provides task the completeness of the design. In this regard, when selecting the materials for roofs you must also ensure that the roof combined with the landscape, and for many years delighted the hosts, guests and passersby the original pattern and beautiful color.

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