How to choose a reliable construction company in Kazakhstan?

How to choose a reliable construction company in Kazakhstan?

The purchase of housing on the primary real estate market is not without risk. And in order to fully control the destiny of the invested funds, investors should carefully choose the Builder.

Who can be considered reliable builders in Kazakhstan?

Binding obligations with the company, ensure its reliability. First, collect information about it from Newspapers, the Internet, and try to get «live» feedback from those who are already happily settled and has experience investing in real estate company. The main criterion of decency — implemented projects, for example, landmark buildings in Astana When selected, the developer needed a thorough check of the documentation and confirm the legality of construction.

Not superfluous will be to perform indirect factors such as agent banks lend to construction. A reliable Builder is trusted by big banks, and their presence in the list is considered an argument in favor of investing. An important factor in assessing the reliability of — compliance with the terms of delivery of objects in operation and under the settlement.

How to check the legality of construction?

The legality of the construction we recommend to check at the stage of choosing a Builder. The authorities use formal control mechanisms that help to prevent the illegal developments. This information is publicly available, you can authenticate the user even online. But there are also mechanisms personal check, which will help you to become more confident when making decisions.

You should personally visit the office of the Builder or the construction site. You must present the originals or notarized copies of the list of permits. Evasion or refusal of the application, indicates the difficulties which the developer feels their realisation. This is a powerful argument in favor of rejection of the services of such a company.

Documents which need to check when choosing a Builder

Project Declaration is the main document with information about the Builder. After analyzing its content, the investor learns about the realized projects of the company over the past three years, its financial performance, the results of the state examination, building permit and contract of lease/purchase of land.

The developer must submit the following:

  • license;
  • the decision on construction;
  • the decision on the withdrawal of the land plot;
  • document of assignment of building addresses.

Information about prices and reviews

Do not pay attention to tempting offers of unreasonably low-cost housing in Kazakhstan. The cost of construction today is not cheap, even despite the falling prices. You should examine prices, reviews and based on their real opportunities to look for suitable accommodation.

Before investing, you need to check the documentation to find more information about the prices and analyze feedback about the Builder. The primary real estate market in Kazakhstan is the opportunity to own your own home. Is only attentive to the selection of a construction company.

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