How to choose a quality stretch ceilings for the home

how to choose a quality-suspended-ceilings for the home

Stretch ceilings is one of the key elements of the interior, and his choice should be taken very seriously. Modern finishes with a wide variety of materials and design solutions. Especially popular for their attractive appearance, durability and optimum performance are the ceilings.

The material and design of stretch ceilings

This technology is a durable canvas drawn on the pre-mounted frame. Stretch ceiling has a perfectly smooth surface that allows you to hide any utilities and irregularities. Depending on the design project, the canvas can be pulled in such a way as to give the surface a curved or multi-level form. Unlimited combination of textures and colours gives the chance to implement any plans.

By material type there are two types of stretch ceilings:

  1. PVC ceilings are made of thin film PVC, the advantage of which is completely waterproof. PVC can be installed in any room, regardless of size. Width of PVC film is usually in the range of three meters, but if necessary craftsmen using special equipment and welded additional bars, which form a single surface due to inconspicuous seams. When choosing this type of material should be taken into account that the room temperature should not fall below 5 degrees, otherwise the material can crack and have to be replaced.
  2. Leaf tissue represent a special fine mesh impregnated with polymers. The main feature of the material – ability to pass air. The fabric stands out for high durability to mechanical damage in contrast to the PVC film. Fabric ceilings do not deteriorate when exposed to low temperatures, the surface can be painted to any color.

The choice of the texture of the stretch ceiling

Principal textures of suspended ceilings following:

  • glossy stretch ceiling with a mirror surface, visually enhances the space, is the best option for small spaces with low ceilings. If the room has a large area, the gloss will be visible seams, so it is better to take a matte fabric material.
  • simply elegant matte canvas will fit perfectly in a classic interior and do not require high costs.
  • satin matte resemble, but are characterized by a smooth surface.

The choice of stretch ceilings is a serious and responsible task that requires a professional approach. Not having the necessary knowledge to understand the diversity of materials and design solutions is very difficult.

The cost of suspended ceilings for 1 sq. m. with the installation of you can learn from experienced professionals that will help you to avoid mistakes in the purchase and installation of quality suspended ceilings. All types of ceilings and services for installation can be found on the website of the Moscow company «build Service» here.

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