How to choose a quality greenhouse

How to choose a quality greenhouse

Prepare sleighs in summer and a greenhouse during winter choose… not to be mistaken, and in the spring to start early planting vegetables and herbs.

But how to choose and not to lose? Especially now, when here and there full of advertising, how to navigate in this variety?

Perhaps, to start is to decide what material a greenhouse you want.

Film? So, it has several advantages, the main of which – the low cost, ease of installation, safety. But many shortcomings – fragility, poor insulation and frost resistance.

Maybe glass? She has a good permeability of light, it is much stronger film, but the threat is very fragile and can damage not only the crop, but also to harm the health.

Then consider the modern version of quality greenhouses from polycarbonate. About them and will be discussed further.

What is polycarbonate? This brand new safe and durable material with excellent transmittance. So, it is the best fit for a perfect greenhouse. But it is not so simple. Let’s deal.

1. Reinforced frame – the basis of quality and durability

To «warm house» for your plants happy for many years, pay attention to when buying the frame. The construction will last from 10 years and above, if the arches are double. Also note the thickness of the wall of the pipe, it should be not less than 1.2 mm.

2. Uniform corrosion-resistant coating

The frame is of poor quality greenhouses are often poorly galvanized. As a result, a year and a half there may appear rust. It is desirable that it was processed in the factory. It is applied with special anti-corrosion enamel and then baked in a furnace at 200 ° C. Only by this way the coating will be not only water-repellent and durable, but also resistant to temperature extremes.

3. Full kit for installation

When you purchase polycarbonate greenhouses will note its completion. Dishonest sellers indicate the lowest price, while «forgetting» to specify that you want to purchase the accessories and additional materials. A good producer will fully complement your product and prepare it for a quick installation.

Buying a greenhouse «Kremlin» of the plant-the producer of «New forms», you can be sure that you will be satisfied with your purchase. Because only they survived the snowy winter of 2012-2013, when, according to the meteorologist, had triple the normal rainfall! «Kremlin» has the above advantages, so you can not worry about their crops in the summer, nor for the stability of the structure during the winter. The real Kremlin are only sold on the official website link neoform/

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