How to choose a quality bedding — 8 tips Housewives

How to choose a quality bedding - 8 tips Housewives

As you know, people a third of his life holds in his sleep. And that dream was a full and healthy, you need to consider several factors. Including the right choice of bed linen. Than to pay more attention to the acquisition of the kit, the more comfortable will be the process of sleep. In this article we will talk about how to choose quality linen.

Bed linen can be bought in different places: in the supermarket, on the market or in a specialty store LLC-elegiya/domashniy-tekstil/postelnoe-belie. Regardless of where you buy it, you must know how to distinguish the quality of the linen from the fact that sewed in the nearest doorway.

Rules for the choice of bed linen

There are several basic rules that will help to buy quality lingerie.

  1. Natural tissue. It is very important that the fabric is breathable and wicking. For this ideal silk, linen or cotton. These materials have the ability to «breathe» and absorb sweat. So no discomfort during sleep does not occur.
  2. The strength of the material. Of course, I would like to sleep on soft and smooth surface, but very often a thin and light fabric to wear and will not deform after washing or Ironing. The stronger and tougher the material is, the longer the selected set of bed linen.
  3. Dyes. Today, coloring bed linen is very diverse, but it is not always good. Bright colors can quickly become darker in colour at the first wash. Moreover, it is important to consider that many low-quality dyes have the ability to cause allergies.
  4. Seams. Do not forget to check the seams when visiting any kit. For this a pillow case or duvet cover should be turned inside out and watch how the seam is stitched the edges. There is a special underwear seam. He’s a double, and the piercing edge hiding inside. If a single seam, and the edges are not treated, then underwear is not exactly the best quality.
  5. The quality of threads. Thread, and fabric, should be durable. Thin will break from even minimal exploitation of underwear. An important feature is the color of the threads. Good factories will never allow you to stitch pillowcases and bed sheets thread not matching fabric. If the colors are very different, most likely, the quality of the material is low.
  6. The smell of the fabric. To be sure to verify the genuineness of the tissue, new underwear and you can still smell it. It must be a slight odor new textile things, and certainly isn’t paint or other chemicals, as is often the case.
  7. Labels. A lot of what I can say the tags, which are attached to the sheets. As a rule, they specify the material from which sewed linen and how to care for them (variations are possible washing and Ironing). In most cases, the quality of dye used in manufacturing, it is possible to determine at this temperature for washing. If you are allowed 60°C or more, then the paint resistant fabric and shedding will not.
  8. Packing. It is important to remember that reputable manufacturers will not skimp on packaging. Of course, only the quality of linen is not judged, but pay attention to this criterion is worth it.
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