How to choose a quality and durable stone countertop?

How to choose a quality and durable stone countertop?

If you need the original working surface for the kitchen, pay attention to countertops made of natural stone. Real stone plate is made from a single piece of granite.In some cases, the design is divided into several parts by customized wallman/nastolnye-ekrany.html. So how do you make the right choice?

Determined by the color and texture of the countertop

To start, select granite color – light or dark tint. It all depends on the combination of furniture and coatings. For dark interior fit light beige or grayish color of the stone. For bright rooms are best suited dark coal black countertops.

In the process of choosing countertops please note condition and number of ribs. The more natural inclusions and fragments of the wider space (and Vice versa). If you purchased the product with wide stripes, contrasting with the natural color of the stone, do not panic. This means that the stone was cut from a solid piece of rock – this is his natural pattern.

Choosing kitchen countertops made of natural stone

Spooning the countertop in a specialty store, do not rush to choose a specific product. Bring some color swatches. First of all, this Wallpaper, wooden and metal covering, curtains and window design. Thus, you can choose any color, and granite structure.

Selecting a stone slab, it’s time to get back in the kitchen. Before installation, be sure to consider the design in the daytime and under artificial light. Evaluate how this product will fit harmoniously into the interior of your kitchen. In some cases, the cooking surface produces a contrast barrier between the working area and the dining area in one room.

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