How to choose a printer for home yourself?

How to choose a printer for home yourself?

How to choose a printer for home yourself? It is a question of time confronts every one of us.

Modern man has to constantly deal with paper vanity», however, is not always convenient to go to salons and pay for the printing. This is what led to the fact that the printer can now be found in almost every home, well, and that such acquisition and the family budget allows you to save money and time! The main thing to choose a good printer, for a very affordable money!

The market offers a myriad of printing devices each of which naturally has its own advantages and disadvantages – an inexperienced person to determine which printer better hard. Given the user’s interests, not the seller, conventionally, there are several criteria to consider when buying a home printer and then desires and dreams merge together!

By what criteria choose a home printer?

The modern printer needs to meet the user’s requirements, be inexpensive, easy to operate and high quality! If you need to print only text documents, it is possible to do laser black-and-white print. Inkjet printersare much more expensive to operate, and the noise from them anymore.

Fans to be photographed, without hesitation should select a model capable of printing photos and maybe even put the image on a DVD disk (it need not all!). In this case, the preference for a color inkjet printer with continuous ink.

Wishing to facilitate their «way of life», buy a printer three in one, so you will be able to not only print documents but also scan and copy necessary documents.

Characteristics of the printer

It is important to consider the following characteristics of printers: resolution, speed of printing, where the device connects and what the paper uses.

The quality of printed images, and even text depend on the resolution of the printing device, so the graphics do not take resolution less than 600 dpi, but the ideal it is possible to consider photos printed on the printer with resolution 1200 dpi. For a simple text is enough and 300 dpi.

On any print device color printing takes longer than the time specified by the manufacturer of the printer’s specifications. However, you can focus on speed black and white printing, it describes the ratio of the number of pages in one minute. It is important to remember that the printing speed depends on the memory and the processor integrated into the device, the better they are, the higher the print speed.

Considering the needs of the interface (connecting the device to the PC) is selected as USB port and Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The paper size is also determined based on your needs.

Determine the kind of printer note prices. The cheapest device is better not to buy, in any case, there will be a catch. Or the insides of poor quality, or it’ll be insanely expensive, so choose something in between.

It is worth noting that when you select the printing device you need to pay special attention to the selection of the brand, an unknown brand is better not to buy! Famous brand, first and foremost, the key to the quality and efficiency of your operation – remember this!

One of the most important parts of the printer cartridge with ink. Buying original cartridges, you can extend the useful life of your printer for years to come.In addition, only with the original cartridge, you can get the highest possible print quality.

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