How to choose a plastic window in a house or apartment

How to choose a plastic window in a house or apartment

How to choose a plastic window in a house or apartment? This question facing anyone who builds a new home, doing major repairs or decided to upgrade the Windows in your home.

The window is one of the main elements in the house, it creates warmth and light, gives the aesthetics of the room. Good technical progress has given us plastic Windows that quickly won universal confidence. In our time, no construction or renovation can not do without plastic Windows.

Choose plastic Windows yourself

In order to make the right choice of plastic Windows, you need to understand its structure and components.

Plastic window consists of: frame, sash, glazing beads, glass, hardware and weatherstrip.

  • Frame is made of metal and is attached to the window opening of the wall of the room. Is made individually for every order.
  • Sash – the movable part of the window, which is attached to the frame with canopies. The number of valves is different.
  • Beadings is strips of plastic that hold the glass in the frames and wings.
  • Glass form glass, the method of hermetic bonding, and parallel to stay in the leaf.
  • Window fittings – handles and locks for adjusting the position of the flaps and the hinge on which the sash rests.
  • Seal – the rubber strips which provide sealing elements and joints in the window.

Correct plastic window – what are they?

On the market are a great choice. If you decided to «warm up» their homes such as Windows made of metal from the company ViknaOnline, you should know a little about them. To avoid confusion in the varieties of these technical achievements, we offer you a convenient classification.

1. Depending on the number of wings:

  • Single.
  • Double
  • Tricuspid.

2. Depending on the ways of opening the valves:

  • Deaf – open mechanism. Typically, these Windows set between the room and the balcony or in places where opening Windows is not required. This option has the attraction of being cheap, but it has some negative aspects – it is a nuisance when cleaning and the inability to ventilate the room. Often these Windows often mix with other species.
  • Horizontal(folding) mechanisms are a little harder the previous two in terms of manufacturing, but they are very convenient to use, especially if the hardware is locking the sash in position (teeth).
  • Vertical(rotary) mode of opening of the sash is familiar to us since childhood – that is open all wooden Windows. It is easy to use, the handle is rotated parallel to the sill, and the sash opens into the room. The handle is in its vertical position.
  • Tilt and turn window combines a mechanism and a turning and folding at the same time. Most of the orders have on this method of opening the valves.

3. Depending on the number of double glazing:

  • Single-batched – two sheets of glass, hermetically connected to each other and form a glazing.
  • Dvuhfasadnye three glass consists of two glass.
  • Tragacete in the four Windows.

The amount of glazing in the window depends on the cost, as well as noise and thermal insulation of your Windows. Clearly, that does not make sense to install tragacete window if you live in Sochi.

4. Depending on the profile shape:

  • The rectangular profile is a popular and cheap kind
  • Arch – often made to order, so the cost is higher rectangular.
  • Trapezoidal – rare, which also requires pre-order.
  • Round.
  • Triangular.

5. As an additional request, are:

  • The color and texture of the frame («wood», for example). In the manufacture of profile is the ability to add various dyes and also glue film, which will create the desired colour and type of frame.
  • Additional features glass – or shockproof energy saving, which will increase the performance of heat and security of the premises.
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