How to choose a photographer and video operator for a wedding

How to choose a photographer and video operator for a wedding

How to choose a photographer and video operator on a wedding? This question is raised by almost all the couple or the wedding planners. In this article you will find simple tips that will help you make the right choice.

Here the newlyweds should start with determining the budget: how much are they willing to spend to have their only wedding day was filmed by professionals. Price range in this area of services is very wide: from 500 rubles per hour to 5000 rubles per hour, this is not the limit. On top of the basic price may include the cost of your printed photos, additional technical equipment, production of photobooks.

Such price dispersion is associated with the experience of a specialist and closely tied to technology, which is being shot, taken into account the time for the subsequent processing of photos and video, directing and editing. A good specialist includes their ability to build the concept of photography, to present the event originally and individually.

Wedding film remains for life. It will see young parents in the future and children. Few can resist the temptation to dip into nostalgia.

The bride and groom is to decide: do they want just the movie or the montages of the film/clip. Shooting is about 10 000-15 000 for a full day. Installation depends on the professionalism of the videographer and varies from 10 000 to 50 000 rubles per 8-15 minute original video.

Photographer newlyweds need or all day, or to shoot certain moments: photo shoot in the Studio, restaurant, walk along the promenade. Not necessarily photographing the couple in the morning going, or to keep the photographer until the very end of the Banquet, so he shot, «as the father-in-law’s dancing on the table».

As an option: you can rent expensive and a good photographer to walk with the young, and the Banquet to invite a budget, who finished the courses of photography in Moscow and is ready to shoot for portfolio and for a small fee.

Photographers sometimes offer in addition to photography services, processing and printing small quantities of photos, such service as the production of photo books. The cost of these books-albums depends on the format and quality of the leaves, cover: fabric is much cheaper than leather.

When choosing a photographer and videographer with the bride and groom should meet with them in advance, to communicate and to conduct photo-, video filming, to see the portfolio of experts to discuss the start and end of shooting, the need to purchase any of the details, the plan for the day, the route for the day. With these people young people will spend a whole day, so no one should not strain, and joint work should be a joy.

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