How to choose a monitor for work?

How to choose a monitor for work?

Monitor is one of the most important parts of our computers and laptops. We all want to enjoy the beautiful picture and make it so that the eye at this point, don’t exert yourself and not hurt later. So how do we choose the monitor to work? The answer to this question you will get below.

Selection criteria monitor

The first thing we need to decide is the future appointment of the monitor. Will it serve as a screen for the office computer? Whether it is used as a canvas for a web designer? Or you need it because you are a professional Cyberathlete? This is an important list of questions that you need to answer before you seek a specific model of monitor. For example, can be replaced by cheaper, if you are going to use fully the potential of this part of the computer.

Second, what should pay attention when choosing the monitoris the size or length of the diagonal. Today the standard sizes of monitors, 21.5 inch, 23 inch and 27 inch respectively.

The third point – herculist. At the moment 2 common types of monitors with gertsovskiy 60 Hz and 144 Hz. Standard 60 Hz monitors often have a resolution of Full HD, giving us just a beautiful picture. This value is specified in the specifications that you need to look at the websites of manufacturers and online stores. Monitorswith hercouet rate of 144 Hz and a resolution of 2K and 4K, give us a faster response, but they are more demanding of your system unit and also are much more expensive monitors with standard resolution.

The fourth item is a video and audio interface monitor. You need to decide what interfaces you are going to use in the near future, to avoid buying an adapter, which, by the way, comfort with your equipment you just not add.

The fifth characteristic, required to consider the hull type. We are all familiar with this type of case as a framework. Around our screen is plastic part of the body that owns any organism in the form of buttons on/off, brightness settings, etc. right Now, becoming more and more popular new type is the «no framework». Monitors with this feature often touch, and this greatly simplifies and adds to the comfort when working with them.

Sixth important detail – monitor material and workmanship. As with clothing choices, you can be guided by the fame of the manufacturer, which can be a guarantee that the monitor will not collapse from the blow of the wind.»

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