How to choose a mixer truck?

How to choose a mixer truck?

For the transport of concrete used special equipment called a mixer or a mixer truck. This equipment is necessary in order to concrete the mortar has not hardened in the process of transportation. The mixer truck can deliver a ready-made solution to the place where there is construction. In this article we will talk about how to pick the mixer truck.

Why you need a mixer truck?

The mixer truck is a truck chassis which is mounted a drum-mixer. The drum is inside the spiral-shaped blade, which rotates together with the drum, whereby the mixture is continuously stirred. Construction equipment protects the solution from sun and dirt due to the transportation of concrete in a sealed drum-mixer.

The drum has special access to a chute, through which the concrete mixture is fed out. Flow is achieved by rotation of the drum in the opposite direction. Under pressure of the spiral the mixture is pushed out of the drum and is supplied to the building. If the mixture is to submit to the kind of place to call the machine can not use special pumps with hoses.

Without concrete not do any construction. Therefore, if your organization is engaged in construction of residential or other structures, you need a mixer.

How to select concrete mixer?

If you are going to rent or buy a mixer truck, then you should pay attention to the following characteristics when it is selected:

  • the volume of the mixing drum;
  • the discharge direction of the drum;
  • type of drive of the drum;
  • the engine powering the drum in motion.

The volume of the drum, necessary for the transport of concrete depends on the scale of construction. There are mixers with capacity from 4 to 15 cubic meters. If you require a large amount of solution, it is better to take a mixer truck with a large capacity, so you don’t have to deliver the concrete at several events. For small buildings fit more modest equipment.

Scanners differ in the type of discharge of concrete. The concrete may be discharged or backward or forward in the direction of the cabin. A better and more convenient option is to unload ago. Forward type of discharge allows to control the process from the driver’s seat and needed only under specific conditions. Most convenient is the mixers with bootstrapping.

The drive of the truck mixer may be mechanical or hydraulic. Hydraulic drive better and has a smoother ride than mechanical. Over time of agitator trucks with a manual drive of the drum is getting smaller.

The motor of the drum can be standalone, or can be used the engine of the truck. Autonomous motor allows the drum to continue its work even if the car engine fails.

If you use the motor on the chassis, it decreases the total weight of the insulators and the noise when it is working.

The concrete mixer should be chosen based on the working conditions on the construction site and scale of construction.

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