How to choose a metal door in a private house

Unusual aspects of the design of destination blinds

When choosing a door should first pay attention to the material, the level of tamper resistance and suitability for specific climatic conditions. In this article we will tell you how to choose a metal door in a private house.

Factors of the choice of entrance doors

  • Material. The door is made of wood, glass, plastic and metal. Metal doors are the most durable. The tree is outwardly attractive, but is much inferior to metal in strength, fire safety. The exception are doors made from alder or oak, which is impregnated refractory composition. Plastic and glassware have increased strength and sound insulating properties. However, they are inferior to metal in terms of thermal insulation, security.
  • The climatic conditions of the possible use of door: cold, heat, the average room temperature. At high heat or cold is not recommended to put the front door with MDF panels. They will lose the attractive appearance due to sharp changes in temperature, precipitation after a couple of years. During harsh winters with the temperature below 20 °C it is necessary to think about the doors by the absence of «cold bridge» is a door with a thermal break. They have high insulation protects against high ambient temperature.
  • Level of protection: the amount and reliability of locks. If the door is in an apartment or a house with valuable property, it is recommended to put at least 2 locks of different types: lever and cylinder. One must have class 4 protection. Give preference to products with bronenakladki, which is impossible to shoot down even with a sledgehammer. Places of fastening of the through bolts in the design will be hidden under the outer sheet metal.

Do not forget about the aesthetic side: the front door should match the exterior of the building and internal decor.

The best steel doors in the Russian market

Among domestic producers highlighted in the guardian, ESTA, Toreks, a Bastion of bars, has BECOME. All models have good performance:

  • resistance to power or smart-hack;
  • protection from cold, drafts, noise;
  • the durability of components.

Product of Gardian different detailed design; the design of the models depends on the type of product, its reliability, level of protection. Offers fire product. Price starts from 20 thousand rubles.

Entrance metal doors of ESTA is equipped with double adjustable box, Italian hidden hinges with built-in automatic locking mechanism which controls the opening angle of the doors. The porch of the mechanism automatically adjusts the optimum pressure of the blade to the box door, which provides good acoustic and thermal insulation.

Toreks metal products have high strength grade M1, which is provided by using a two-component polyurethane foam manufacturing technology with a minimum number of sworn seams, a number of models are complemented by reinforced mesh. All doors are supplied with locks 4 protection class.

Door hinges are equipped with ball bearings for a smooth ride, which increases the life of the product. The welds on the hinges bear the weight of 100-120 kg

With the input metal doors of foreign production is to provide products of the Italian company Dierre. Its products refers to the type of «smart door».

Also gaining popularity is the door of the Russian production of Termo (Termo) created in accordance with the climatic characteristics of Russia. Insulated doors with thermal break withstand high humidity, low temperature (-39°C), not amenable to UV, chemicals, resistant to mechanical damage. The configuration of the surface, the porch is retained for 30 years even in the far North. In addition to excellent heat insulation, fire performance thermador has a good attenuation. Polyurethane gasket provides high sealing, closes the door almost silently. Increased safety, durability supported by a special design of the porch, special hinges, a system of vertical stiffening ribs (4-6), supplemented by horizontal elements, special locking system, anti-theft bolts.

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