How to choose a mattress for a child

How to choose a mattress for a child

Young parents with great excitement choosing the first mattress for your baby. As buy a mattress for a child is not easy. It is very important not to make the wrong choice, that the child was comfortable to sleep. A significant contribution to the health of your child brings the correct mattress.

The main criteria in choosing a mattress:

  • Must match the child’s age. The hard model is suitable for the newborn. Softer option for children a little older, by the time the child must be about two years. Mattresses Astana on the springs is recommended for children from four years.
  • It is important that the model breathed. In the crib compulsory air circulation, it promotes good development of the baby.
  • The material from which the mattress should be hypoallergenic. Only natural fabrics and fillers. Saving the health of your child is unacceptable.
  • The size of the mattress and the bed should be the same. There are no cracks or bulges should not be, it can cause injury to the baby.
  • You need to choose a good mattress pad. Children who have not yet friends with the pot, you need a mattress pad does not leak from the layer.

Mattresses are divided into the following types: spring mattresses with no springs.

Springless model is overlong-term use of orthopedic effect, the stiffness as comfortable as possible.

Spring mattress with individual springs block provides even the location of the child’s spine.

Types of fillers for baby mattresses:

  1. The filler of coconut fiber – the correct load on the baby’s spine, does not rot, does not absorb moisture, flexible, well-breathable model, and most importantly-absolutely not allergenic.
  2. Latex filler – despite the name, it is a natural material. Can not be exposed pastel ticks, not subject to attacks of fungi and bacteria, restores its shape.
  3. An artificial material that was created to reduce the prices for mattresses is polyurethane model. Environmentally friendly, fire safe, not toxic.

When buying a mattress for a child, you need to pay serious attention to the manufacturer’s instructions. It should be known to have good reviews and documentation, which will confirm its certified.

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