How to choose a lawn mower? – types and features

How to choose a lawnmower – types and characteristics

Now many city residents are trying to escape from the city to their summer residences, cottages. Because of this, there is a demand for a variety of equipment to care for the land. And, as a rule, closer to the summer, the question arises – how to choose a lawn mower? The correct solution will depend on the appearance of flower beds and lawns. So this choice should be approached responsibly.

What are lawnmowers?

For consumption they are divided into:

  • mechanical;
  • gasoline;
  • electric, rechargeable.

By type of work:

  • rotary;
  • trimmers;
  • lawn mower hovercraft;
  • cylindrical;
  • riders;
  • electrocase, trimmers;
  • work.

Rotary lawn mowers

Rotary lawn mowers

Rotary lawn mowers work in the following way: knives, consisting of groups of blades, mow parallel to the ground. It will be easy to manage such a mower they always have comfortable handles and quality wheels that will make it easier to move on the lawn. This allows you to mark a definite plus choice rotary mowers: it sends the grass into the collector, and due to the width, which is 35-70 cm, it’s quite a handy choice for lawn in front of your house.

But there is a downside: a rotary mower will not mow too high bushes, which means that lawns will be difficult to cope with it.

Electric lawn mowers

Electric lawn mowers (trimmers)

Electric lawn mowers and trimmers are more like a braid, and work very differently. The knife consists of two blades, mowing the grass. Trimmers equipped with a grass catcher. They cope well with heavy loads, and neglected lawns, but, unfortunately, their batteries sit around, or the area limited by cord length. Very comfortable diverse set of functions. For example, you can select the cutting height of the grass, mode selection, power, and functionality. Of the minuses is worth noting the weight reaches 40kg, and the limitations in use because of the cord.

Mower hovercraft

Mower hovercraft

Mower on an air cushion very comfortable for a hilly lawn, or difficult for other mowers. This is due to the fact that the fan in it raises the unit by adding agility. Unfortunately, these machines are strong disadvantages:

  • it is difficult to mow in a straight line;
  • not equipped with a grass collector, the grass flying by the parties;
  • not always safe.

Cylindrical lawn mowers

Cylindrical lawn mowers

Cylindrical lawn mowers can boast of quality bevel grass, but their price is pretty high than its competitors. This is the best technique for a garden! Work on the principle of scissors — blades mounted on a shaft rotate, cutting the grass. The more blades, the smoother the lawn, so that the most expensive units consist of 8-10 knives. Quality may be the envy of any jeweler, it is ideal for owners who appreciate the decorative lawns.



Riders equipped with a gasoline engine and an armchair Seating. They are used to bevel the grass over large areas.

Robotic mowers

Robotic mowers

Robotic mowers operate on a battery, the advantage is maneuverability, due to the use of the battery and not the cable. That’s a disadvantage — after all, mowing a large area this machine will not work. Easy care and operation.

The girl keeps on Mowing - lawn - image © royalty-free/Corbis
Girl Holding onto Lawn Mower — Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Mechanical lawn mowers

Mechanical lawn mowers were first, but now a lot of people use them because of the small consumption and long life. They are easy to use, they are economical, quiet and that is important — low cost in comparison with analogues. This option is ideal for those who have enough power, since the bevel is too wet or tall grass will have to make serious efforts. But for small areas-it is just what you need.

Petrol lawn mowers

Petrol lawn mowers

Petrol lawn mowers are cheaper to maintain, powerful, independent source of energy, and inexpensive to maintain. They are easy to manage and simple enough to mow even high grass. But the downsides should be noted frequent breakdowns, noise, may need maintenance.

Petrol lawn mowers can be divided into self-propelled and non-propelled.

Propelled require effort to move, and suitable if the site is flat in all directions, so it is better to choose with swivel wheels, so it will be easier to move the mower to the site. But if the surface is inclined or uneven, then you will interfere with her weight, and work on it will be extremely difficult. In this case, it is better to choose a self-propelled mower. Their movement is Autonomous, you make no effort to slant the grass and she walks on any terrain. Self-propelled mowers are front wheel drive and rear. Front-wheel drive more maneuverable, and the rear better cope with complex terrain. But self-propelled lawn mower has certain disadvantages — it is necessary to Tinker in the service, as well as it consumes a lot of fuel.

Other aspects of the selection of lawn mowers

An important aspect of choosing a mower will be the case.

Steel housing it is expensive and reliable, but after damage to the coating will be vulnerable to corrosion. The aluminum enclosure is suitable for self-propelled lawn mower because it is lightweight and there is no fear of corrosion. From high-impact plastic make the most of garden machinery. It is cheap and the best option, as even after deformation, the machine will work as before.

In any case, to make the right choice, not in the direction of well-known brand, and in the direction of quality and practicality, is to analyze the collected information and consult with a reliable seller. It is important not to skimp, it is important to buy genuine products.

To choose and buy a lawn mower, it is worth remembering a few tips:

  • to correctly analyze the terrain and land area;
  • to think about the possible power sources;
  • no collector can ruin your mood because you will have to manually collect the grass clippings;
  • comfortable handle, the ability to regulate;
  • choose wide blades always mow better and better;
  • choose rubber wheels that will not injure the lawn.

Using these simple tips, you can easily choose the right mower that will last many years.

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