How to choose a laptop to fit your needs

How to choose a laptop to fit your needs

How to choose a laptop to suit your needs? Quite often, people are faced with the problem of choosing a notebook and many are guided only by its name, appearance, price, and some of the recommendations of the seller. In fact, the laptop is the case with the applied logo of the manufacturer in which the majority of components from other manufacturers.

In order to buy a good laptop and do not regret the purchase of the best before going to the store to identify all possible tasks to be undertaken on it and try to pick required to solve these problems, the characteristics of components.

The appearance and size of the laptop

Therefore, the starting point when choosing a laptop is its size and color.

The size is determined by screen diagonal (matrix) and can be from 10 to 17 inches. Small laptops with a diagonal of 10-12 inches called netbook, which due to its compactness is the most convenient option for transport and are mainly used by those who are often on business trips. However, the most common matrix with a diagonal of 15 to 17 inches. If the laptop is purchased for home use or for stationary office work, of course, it is better to consider semnadtsatiletnyaya options, and if you need to carry daily from home to work may be preferable pyatnadtsatipostovaya because they are usually of smaller size and weight. Now you can move on to the characteristics of the most important components.

Choosing a processor for a laptop

The processor is the «brain», the main chip of the computer that controls the operation of all its devices. The more powerful the processor, the faster will run the laptop as a whole. When you select the CPU in the first place you need to look at the number of cores and clock frequency. Even when looking for a laptop to perform the minimum tasks (viewing web pages, video, music) it is better to refuse from the processor with less than two cores and a clock frequency of 2 GHz. If you need a gaming laptop, it is advisable to choose a Quad-core 2.5 GHz.

Need a graphics card for your laptop?

Video card is a device that converts the image from computer memory into a video signal for the monitor. Allocate two types of graphics: integrated with CPU and discrete. Simply put, integrated is built into the processor itself and not a separate peripheral element, and discrete – a separate Board that attaches to a special connector on motherboard for graphics card. For modern games, the integrated graphics card, so gamers will have to fork out for an expensive discrete graphics card, but for school, work, watching videos and Internet is enough and integrated maps.


The main parameter RAM are its type, volume and speed, the higher they are, the better the performance. Memory for gaming notebooks, it is desirable to choose at least 8 GB of type ddr3 or ddr4, but for studying and Internet is enough for 2 GB of ddr3, but better a little more.

Hard drive

Hard drive is the device that is responsible for storing all the information: programs, movies, music, photos, games and documents. The volume of these disks may be very different, so if you need to store a lot of information is better to choose a drive at least 1 TB, and if you save nothing special, that would be enough and a small amount of hard drive 200-300 GB.

You can also pay attention to the presence of ports USB 3.0 SSD drive – if they are, then it is very good.

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