How to choose a kitchen set — expert tips

How to choose a kitchen set - expert tips

The kitchen is one of the most important places in the life of modern man. Therefore, the planning of the interior should be given a lot of time. Now many shops offer us a variety of furniture. But how to choose a kitchen set? In this we have you covered.

Destination cuisine

Before buying furniture, decide why you need a kitchen. If you have a large family you love to cook and often come to you friends, it is best to choose furniture with plenty of functional cabinets and tables, equipment should be located comfortable. Equally important is the large working space, since this kitchen will cook easier.

If the family has small child, it is, first and foremost, you need to secure the kitchen: be sure all cabinets are closed, the equipment located outside the access Also in the kitchen must have space for the smaller members of the family, where he can sit while he prepared the porridge.

Well, if the kitchen you don’t cook, but mostly warm food and semi-finished products, in this case, it is best to make your kitchen minimalist: a Desk, some cabinets for dishes.

If the owner is a business man and for him most importantly fast to prepare meals, it is best that the furniture was as comfortable as possible. Furniture placement should be such that you would not need to make any unnecessary movements. For such kitchens for the convenience of installing the rails.


A big role in the choice of kitchen furniture is material from which it is made. For the inner part of the most often used particle Board, and the external part is made of many different materials. Basic needs for these materials are: resistance to dirt and water, easy cleaning.

The standard of reliability and well-being consider furniture made of solid wood. She is beautiful and reliable, and there are many options for cut of wood and its color. Eventually this furniture becomes more and more beautiful as the wood changes the tone. However, this tree has a poor resistance to moisture and temperature changes.

Well established material MDF. This material is easy and no problem to create different shapes. In comparison with the previous this material is resistant to moisture, less sensitive to mechanical stress and it is eco-friendly.

The coating of facades is used plastic. This gives you a huge choice of colour and surface texture (glossy, matte, different patterns). The material is easy to clean, but use «grinding» means is not advised, as they can easily scratch the surface.


Surprisingly, accessories are very important when choosing furniture. Her choice will depend on the beauty and comfort of the furniture. Furniture should last for all the duration of the life of furniture. So you need to pay attention to the following details:

  1. The handle should fit into the overall style of the kitchen. Comfort should not be under your question.
  2. Feet – first and foremost they must have the necessary margin of safety. Also adjusted for height.
  3. Glazing – the glass shelf shall have a smooth edge, as otherwise it can be easily cut. Glass door must be securely and firmly fixed.
  4. All items must be securely and accurately fixed, and do not have cracks, scratches.


Countertop is one of the most important items in the kitchen of any person. It takes all of the important work, so it should withstand heavy loads. Most attention while choosing the countertops have on the material from which it is made. Cheap countertops made of chipboard. The material is relatively easily accessible and has good wear characteristics. Chipboard cover 28-38 mm layer of plastic covered with the laminating shell.

The best option are the countertops made of artificial stone. A countertop is very difficult to distinguish from real stone. It has good durability, strength and resistant to mechanical damage. In addition, this countertop is eco-friendly, has a beautiful and pleasant view. Do not forget that the countertop should blend with other furniture.

To perfect your kitchen, such. to fully satisfy all your needs, only to order. it is better to contact these companies, such as etalon-mebeli/. Experienced professionals, listening to you. will be able to create exactly the kitchen that you dreamed of!

These tips will help you properly and successfully choose the furniture for the kitchen, so it was always cozy and nice. Good luck in choosing!

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