How to choose a kitchen for your home

How to choose a kitchen for your home

Almost every hostess (or host, and often together) at least once faced with the question, how to choose a kitchen for their home. In fact, the concept of «high quality and beautiful» holds a lot of other criteria: quality, but also affordable, beautiful, but reliable and long-lived. Plus functional, plus the adequate price for the Assembly with the original design…

The list can be supplemented in accordance with the requirements of each individual customer.

Outset that this is not an advertising article. It does not cite any specific brands, and discusses the principles by which you should choose the kitchen, and provides professional advice from those who have in this field a long time and really understands.

How to choose a kitchen expert tips

At the moment, the market furniture provides is not that great, and a huge selection. What should pay attention when you get to the salon, which houses the kitchen samples? With mind almost all the shops look impressive, but when you order there are often problems.


Yes, don’t be surprised, the human factor has not been canceled. Even in the most «untwisted» the cabin in the first place is to pay attention to the person who will deal with your project. A qualified specialist will answer all your questions how to choose a kitchen accurately and clearly, without water and coaxing immediately to buy food.

Manager, well versed in the business, understands what sells a set of pencils and the buyer needs to weigh all the «pros» and «cons». He will give time to think. When drafting pay attention to any suggestions on the placement of furniture makes you Manager. What one «doesn’t», not «looks» and «not matched», another can tune in completely different colors, if he’ll move a few tables or shelves.

Directly the reputation of the salon and factory

Try to read as many independent reviews about the manufacturer that is accessed. Independent means not on the manufacturer’s website. Don’t be lazy, look through the forums. Most likely to promise anything, and after the deadlines delayed for months, then suddenly need additional payments, which were not previously specified. This, alas, nobody is immune, and human psychology is such that most of the reviews love to pour out negative, than heartily to praise, so their study should be approached without fanaticism, but to be on the safe side. Also you shouldn’t think that only popular brands like Planeta furniture can fulfill your order. Often small factories at a lower price and absolutely identical as to be more attentive to your kitchen, because they seek to «earn» the name and challenges them to anything.

Carefully read the contract

Carefully discuss the percentage that will be given for the Assembly kitchen. Don’t be afraid to seem «meticulous shopper» not to join the ranks of those who in the end is suing a furniture factory. The Manager is supposed to check thoroughly, but do not be lazy, do see every item in the BOM before you sign anything.

What material is best to make the furniture for the kitchen

So what material are made of food and which one to choose, should read more carefully, but still give some General guidelines. First, focus on your prosperity. Not necessarily what he would have to buy a kitchen from solid wood, natural wood if you can’t afford, and there are many good quality alternatives. The kitchens from natural wood also has its disadvantages, e.g., poor tolerance of humidity, and modern materials such as plastic or MDF look worse. Importantly, the ratio of price and quality was adequate. Now the furniture factory and provide very low cost options, such as finished kitchen sets a particular standard.

Good luck finding a unique and functional kitchen!

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