How to choose a kettle for the stove

How to choose a kettle for the stove

Of all kitchen appliances and utensils a kettle for the stove can be called a real toiler – that it accounts for a large part of daily work. To do without it in the kitchen is impossible and so the choice of approach very carefully. Despite the dominance of electric models, to buy a kettle for the stove remains much wanting. What parameters and criteria will be prioritized in the selection?

The volume

There are many elegant teapots to plates, the size can be compared with teapots, designed for a family of two. The range of the online store there are many and quite large models that let you quickly heat up on the stove for tea water of two liters and more.


To purchase a kettle for the stove from the following materials:

  • stainless steel natural chrome or enamel;
  • iron;
  • ceramics;
  • heat-resistant glass.

The most modern and spectacular are considered glass teapots – they fit easily into any style kitchen design, emphasize its high technology and originality. But when hard water to maintain the glass in crystal clear view, without the slightest hint of limescale is difficult – especially if the model itself has a convex or curved shape.

Kettles in stainless steel with enamel or chrome finish has become a classic in the kitchen. Whether you choose a bright, interesting print, or a stylish pattern enamel kettle or elegant shiny mirror chrome plated housing – you can be assured that the model will reliably serve for many years.

The product is made of cast iron are mostly vintage, classic look. They are quite heavy, but I kept warm. If you are a fan of scalding hot tea and coffee, prefer warm drinks – this model is for you.

Ceramic teapots are a compromise between a cast iron and metal models. Have a more modern design than cast iron counterparts, and cool much slower than steel.

Form and details

Designers give a modern kettles bright, original design, not letting go of attention to the search of optimal forms, which will be achieved the maximum speed during heating and slow cooling afterwards.

  • When choosing better to give preference to models with a as high as you can handle – so it will be less warm.
  • As experience shows, the cover convex, dome shape contributes to a better conservation of heat inside.
  • Whistle is the best invention significantly increases the lifespan of dummies and protects them from overheating. It also allows you to save money on gas and electricity, and promptly notifying that the tea has boiled and you can turn off the stove.

The material is prepared by experts of the online store astia.

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