How to choose a hookah guide consumer

How to choose a hookah guide consumer

How to choose a hookah? Want to buy hookah are faced with the problem of how to determine a good device or not, which determines its quality and what to look for in the first place. Characteristics and quality of the hookah depends on the state of its parts: bowls, flasks, hose, metal mine, the mouthpiece.

Bowl for hookah

Bowl for hookah is a receptacle in which is placed the prepared tobacco. They are made of clay or metal. More quality are the clay, the choice of which should take into account the properties of the clay hardening process and production technology. They are well withstand high temperature from heating coal and not destroyed.

At the time of purchase this part you should carefully check its integrity, that is, you should not find any obvious physical damage. The top of the bowl should be smooth and even. Narrow the funnel of the bowl should also have smooth and round in diameter, then it is easy to put on the top of the Shisha. Good tobacco for hookah, you can choose online freshtrack/.

Mine for Shisha

The basis of each hookah is a mine of metal, which is responsible for the cooling of the impurities in the smoke and the deposition of harmful oils on the walls. Most rugged and durable metallic mines and mines with the presence of the internal cross-section. Mines of copper is not exposed to corrosion. An important criterion is its length. Optimal size is considered to be 50-70 cm

Smoking bongs

The bulb is designed to cool and filter the smoke. They come in metal, plastic, clay, glass, quartz. The bottom of the bulb should be heavy, then hookah will stand steadily on almost any surface. The outside surface of the flask should be smooth, with no visible damage.

Hose for hookah

The hose is the connection of the main part of the hookah and the mouthpiece, through which the smoke passes. The base of the hose or pipe made of strong and durable wood. It needs to be of adequate thickness to not be damaged when cleaning. The material is leather, metal, polyethylene, rubber. Optimal hose length is in the range of 40-80 cm

Mouthpiece for hookah

For the production of the mouthpiece using different materials: wood, stone, plastic, horn, or amber. The most durable mouthpieces of oak, beech or birch. It is not recommended to buy this item from coniferous smell good rock, and also treated with a special coating that can be damaged and disrupt the necessary air-tightness.

In addition to the main components of the hookah, there are also additional items when you buy should pay attention to their safety, material and quality.

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